Podere Della Bruciata wine tasting, Montepulciano, Italy

A unique wine tasting in the woods and our stay near Montepulciano, Italy

When we went wine tasting in Tuscany (can I just interject that I’ve dreamt about saying those words for quite some time) I had no idea what to expect from our visit to the town of Montepulciano, other than we would likely be tasting Vino Nobile, the typical wine of the region. Made largely from […]

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places to stay in pawhuska

True confession: We’ve slept around Pawhuska, Oklahoma

When Ann and I were married, we took vows to forsake all others and be faithful to one another. That being said, I have a confession to make: We’ve both slept around Pawhuska, Oklahoma. All around. And we’re not too shy to admit it was wonderful! Now don’t get too excited. It was just the […]

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Traveling in Tulsa

Wichita, Pawhuska, Tulsa, and Pittsburg: Our road trip through Kansas & Oklahoma

We are on the road again through Kansas and Oklahoma for a variety of reasons. Earlier this week, we headed back to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to look for apartments for our daughter, Meghan. She was recently accepted into the accelerated nursing program at Oklahoma University and will be attending school there for 14 months, beginning this June. […]

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Lion head water fountain at Cody Park in North Platte, Nebraska

Trains humping and other fun things we saw on our trip through central Nebraska

Day 1 of our Nebraska trip with Steve’s parents began with a stop at The Village Pie Maker in Eustis, Nebraska. After learning the secret to making the best pie ever, we headed north to Cozad where we crossed the 100th Meridian. Having been on Interstate 80 a thousand times, we opted for the more […]

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Our weekend getaway to Chicago

Sometimes you just gotta go. I know, I know. You’d like to travel more but feel like you never have the time. But trust me, you can pack a lot into a long weekend. Sure, the garage might need cleaning. But let’s be honest. It can wait. Would you rather look back on life and remember that great […]

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We got trouble. Right here in River City.

I‘m talkin bout trouble with a capital “T” and that rhymes with “P” and that stands for pool. Do you know that song? The one about the kids in the knickerbockers, shirt-tail young ones, peekin’ in the pool-hall window after school? The first time I heard Steve recite those words to one of my favorite […]

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Travel Tip: Keep an extra toiletry bag packed at all times

One of the most frustrating things that has happened to me is arriving at a hotel after a long day’s journey only to find that I forgot some essential toiletry item at home. Sure, I could run to the store, but it’s late, and cold , and I don’t really know where the store is, and I […]

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A place to come Home2

A fews weeks ago, Steve and I were invited to participate in a reception and hard hat tour of the new Home2 Suites in west Omaha. The Hilton property owners and operators welcomed us (and other area bloggers) to a fantastic wine and cheese reception at the Hilton Garden Inn where we were treated to great food, […]

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Travel Tip #1 – Use plastic wrap under caps.

Don’t you hate it when you return from a great vacation and find that your liquids and gels have leaked through supposed “leak proof” containers? We’ve tried lots of different travel bottles and tubes and some work better than others. But the guaranteed way to prevent spills is a little tip we learned from our […]

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Nebraska’s Nicest #1 – Innkeeper Jeanne Goetzinger

I met Jeanne Goetzinger several years ago, when my daughter, Meghan, and I were exploring northwest Nebraska. We saw a lot of interesting things on that trip, but none was more memorable than the straight-talking, curly-haired woman who greeted us in the parking lot of the historic Olde Main Street Inn and encouraged us to step up […]

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