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What people are saying

I love the funny and insightful commentary from people willing to open themselves up to new experiences.

-Gary Young

OH MY GOODNESS! What a GREAT combination of personalities in the writing. Just want to say that I will definitely subscribe to your blog. I don’t subscribe to many but I certainly don’t want to miss out on your dual adventures. Thank you for sharing. 

– Natasha

Great blog where you learn from others and share your experiences too!! Written by genuine people always eager to share tips and good stuff to make travel easier.

– Elodie Peli, France

What a fabulous piece! I think your next career is writing travel books! The photos were great! I hope you don’t mind, but we put your link on our Facebook page. It has had 80% greater interest than anything (else) on there.

– Jeanne Goetzinger, Olde Main Street Inn

Steve and Ann are a joy to follow online. They offer great travel tips and are authentic in everything they do. If you are not reading their blog regularly, make it a habit to start reading it. 

Sara Broers, Midwest Travel Network

You guys did a fantastic job on this article. You really captured the entire story about the museum and the stories behind the artifacts.

– Dave Elliston, Museum of American Speed

We were there last week and after seeing your list we need to come back … thanks for all of those ideas on what to see.

– Joan Davis

We met them this morning in Pawhuska … so many great suggestions! We are taking the Roaming the Osage tour (you recommended) this afternoon.

– Brooke Fritschle

Loving hearts behind the page; culture and fun.

– Roberto Garrido, Brazil

Great Article!! We are going on our FIRST Carnival Cruise in a couple of weeks! Our ship is the Carnival Valor too!! SO EXCITED and can’t wait! Thanks for the information about the Cruise!!

– Cassie Alley

Great blog, even better folks! :<) Their blog should be the first you check for travel and fun. Authentic!

– Mike Friend

I think I must come visit and see all of the wonderful places you have introduced me to.

– Suzanne Stavert, Adventures of Empty Nesters

I really enjoy the road trips you take, and the food pictures you take and share. You pretty much cover everything I like. Just keep up the great work! 

-Mary Hughes

You guys are such great writers.

– Mary Katherine Big Elk

I stumbled across your blog thanks to Twitter and I am glad I did…Love this blog!

–  Alicia

Your posts are always so helpful, informational, and funny at the same time.

Teresa Lamsam, Explore With Tess

Really enjoyed this story! What fun u two have! Can’t wait to read more.

–  Jana Fulton

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