How we plan to drive six hours without stopping at a restroom

For the first time in almost three months, we're going to drive six hours to our home in Oklahoma and we're not planning to stop at a public...

Travel tip: What you’ll need to do laundry while traveling

If you're planning to be away from home more than a few days, and you don't want to bring every item in your wardrobe, you have to plan for laundry...

Travel tip: 5 uses for empty pill bottles when you travel

Looking for a use for those empty pill bottles you just can't bear to throw away? Well, we've got a prescription (ha!) for you. If you're like us,...

Seven tips for your visit to the Dolphin Research Center in Marathon, Florida

The Dolphin Research Center in Marathon, Florida, is one of my all-time, favorite travel destinations. It has been since I was a kid. As you may or...

Tips for your visit to Prosecco Road – #1 Hire a driver and local guide

If you like Prosecco wine, you'll love a trip down the Prosecco Road near Valdobbiadene, Italy. I promise you will. Our visit there this summer was...

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Travel Tip: Bring an Extra Bag or Eight

Travel Tip: Bring an Extra Bag or Eight

We've all been there, next to the hotel pool, debating whether to jump in or not because we don't know if our swimsuit will dry (it won't) before we have to put it in the suitcase. Here'a a tip: Pack an extra bag … or eight. Whether we are traveling to Europe for 14...

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