For the first time in almost three months, we’re going to drive six hours to our home in Oklahoma and we’re not planning to stop at a public restroom. Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve been self isolating in Nebraska. Ann has an underlying heart condition as well as a suppressed immune system which puts her at higher risk, so we’ve stayed home.

dinner on the deck

We haven’t been in stores, had friends or family in our home, or even enjoyed takeout from local restaurants to ensure her safety. Really, we’ve only left the house for walks outside for exercise, doctor appointments, and trips to the grocery store for curbside pickup.

Maybe the best portable toilet

The most we’ve traveled by car lately has been 30 miles to the nearest grocery store that offers pickup orders. We’ve considered longer trips in our car, but one thing has always stood in the way. How could we drive for more than a few hours without using a public restroom where the virus could linger? Well, our friends at Dang Travelers had an answer!

Bloggers Angela and David have traveled extensively in their Chrysler Pacifica and have written all about essential van camping accessories. We asked for their advice and they introduced us to the Luggable Loo.

luggable loo

Basically, it is a 5-gallon bucket with a toilet seat. Angela recommended lining the Loo with a disposable garbage bag and adding a few scoops of kitty litter to absorb liquids and odors. While the Dang Travelers usually stay at campgrounds with public restrooms, the Loo has come in handy at times. With more than 2,000 5-star reviews on Amazon, we spent $40.87 on a loo and added garbage bags and kitty litter to our next Walmart grocery pickup list.

luggable loo supplies

Back to Pawhuska, Oklahoma

Now that we have a safe way to travel and after much thought and consideration, we’ve decided to make the six-hour drive back to our second home in Pawhuska this week. With the Luggable Loo in the back of our Pacifica, we feel pretty good about being able to go from one home to another without exposure to others. We’ll bring all our groceries, and stay put once we get there. Honestly, we should only need to venture out for gas once. Steve will wear a mask and gloves at the filling station and will pay at the pump.

Places to stay in Pawhuska

We’ll attend to our business there and make preparations to reopen our home as an Airbnb when the time is right. The safety of our guests and housekeeper are top priority. If and when we can ensure everyone’s safety, we’ll open up some new dates, so stay tuned. We’re excited to be back in our home there, that we call Postcard Place, and hope to be able to share it with others soon.

Places to stay in Pawhuska

Hopefully we’ll also see our daughter

This trip will also give us a chance to see our daughter, Meghan, who is an ICU nurse in Tulsa. It’s been several months since we’ve seen her and we miss her dearly. She’s been working long, stressful hours throughout this pandemic so I short drive up to Pawhuska will be nice for her, as well.

nurse meghan

Of course, because of her work at the hospital and the potential of exposure to the corona virus, we’ll have to practice social distancing, even with her. Nonetheless, it will just be good to see her in person, even if it’s outside in the driveway and we can’t give her a hug.