As frequent travelers, we are constantly taking mental notes of amenities that impress us in hotels and Airbnbs. So when we opened up our home in Pawhuska, Okla., called Postcard Place through Airbnb, we wanted to include amenities that would impress our guests. Whether you share your home with others or just enjoy hosting guests, here are some of our favorite amenities that will impress your guests. (Note: This post contains affiliate links. As Amazon Influencers, we earn from qualifying purchases.) 


Home share guest amenities that impress


Soft, bright white bedding

Our beds and bedding garner more compliments from guests than almost any other items in our Airbnb house. All three guest rooms at Postcard Place have new comfy beds with soft, bright white bedding that we ordered on Amazon.

queen room Airbnb pawhuska Oklahoma

After trying several different sets of sheets, quilts, and comforters, we settled on these. With nearly 60,000 5-star reviews, these brushed microfiber sheets are soft, stain resistant, and wrinkle free. And while they come in dozens of colors, we stuck with white.

So far, we haven’t had any issues with stains and we think guests want to be able to look at their bedding and know right away that it is super clean. We also went with duvets and soft white covers for a crisp and clean look.

Power strip with USB chargers by the beds

As frequent travelers, one of our greatest frustrations is not have an electrical outlet and USB charger next to each side of the bed on the bedside table. Not behind the bed, not on the wall, but up on the table where you can see and access it easily. We both use CPAP machines and use our phones for alarm clocks, so being able to have and charge these items bedside is a must.

A makeup mirror (preferably lighted)

Our Airbnb home share has three bedrooms but only has one bathroom. So, we encourage our guests to shower and then finish getting ready in the bedrooms. We equipped two of the bedrooms with desks and make up mirrors so you can dry your hair and put on makeup without hogging the bathroom.

Amenities that impress: makeup remover wipes

Speaking of makeup – remover wipes are an excellent idea. Not only do guests love them, but by providing disposable wipes, you reduce the risk of your washcloths getting stained with make up.

Thoughtful decor (including an ottoman and pillows)

Since most of our guests are women who love The Pioneer Woman, we designed our home and chose its furnishings to fit their tastes. The decor in our home is light and cheery with a little farmhouse flare. We made sure to include things like an ottoman and decorative throw pillows for the women we welcome on girls trips. living room decorations

We’ve had so many of our guests compliment us about the decorative pillows on our couch. They add a nice, thoughtful touch to our decor and because they are covers, we can can easily remove them for cleaning. We especially like these pillow covers from Woven Nook.

Nest thermostat

Having a Nest thermostat in your home share (or home for that matter) is a fantastic idea. Not only is it easy for anyone to understand and adjust, you can control the temperature of your house from your cell phone. About an hour before our Airbnb guests arrive, we turn on the A/C or heat from our home. That way, they come into a comfortable home without having to worry about a thing.  

Single brew coffee maker and nice mugs

When thinking of amenities that impress, complimentary coffee is a must. When we’ve stayed in other people’s homes, we’ve found it a bit of a hassle to try and figure a new coffee pot. We’re never sure how long it will take to brew or how much coffee to use. So, we decided a Keurig single brew coffee maker was the best option for our Airbnb.


coffee bar postcard place

We provide an ample supply of K-cups, individual creamers (vanilla and half-n-half) and a variety of sweeteners. And, having nice coffee mugs is also important. We chose these Bee & Willow mugs from Bed, Bath, and Beyond that keep your coffee warm and fit nicely in your hand. Here are some to other options things at our coffee bar.

Welcome mat and rug: amenities that impress early

First impressions mean everything. Make sure your guests feel welcomed into your home by providing a welcoming front porch, including a stylish mat. I prefer using a natural fiber mat like this one and layering it on top of a larger, thin, patterned rug underneath.


Places to stay in Pawhuska

Zero Water pitcher

We leave a filled Zero Water pitcher of cold water in the fridge for our guests. Personally, we try to limit the amount of plastic we use. We see more and more people traveling with refillable water bottles, as well, and thought this was a good option. Our guests have mentioned they liked this amenity, so we keep this pitcher full. We wash it after every group of guests and change the filters regularly.

Technology amenities that impress

Nowadays, people carry their music and video content on their phones. We decided to provide the devices they needed to listen and watch. We purchased a Samsung Smart TV so that our guests could log into their own Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Hulu accounts, or just stream right from their own device.


Samsung smart tv in Airbnb

Be sure to also label any remote controls and make an instruction sheet with detailed instructions on how to use the TV. And while this seems obvious — leave the remotes out where people can see them. Nothing is more frustrating than coming into a new place and having to search for a remote.

remote for tv

We also provide a Bluetooth speaker on a desk in a central area, so our guests can play music from a streaming service like Spotify. Here are some options at different price points.

Amenities that impress: fans in every bedroom

Cute desk fans that are left in plain sight in the bedrooms have been a big hit with our guests. We’ve learned that our guests not only like the extra cool breeze, but many find the sound of the fan puts them to sleep. We found this white metal fan at HomeGoods but below are some other similar options.

fan at postcard place

 To see other amenities that impress that we’ve added to our Airbnb in Pawhuska, Okla., called Postcard Place, you can visit our Amazon Influencer page HERE.

If you’ve stayed in a home share or are a host, what amenities to you appreciate most? Let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you. 

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