If you follow Postcard Jar on social media, you’ve heard us mention our Pawhuska house quite a bit lately. In between trips for our blog, appointments and our other responsibilities, we’ve been fixing up a house in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. We bought the house last summer, about one year after visiting Pawhuska for the first time. You can read all about how and why we bought the home HERE.

Postcard Place Pawhuska

We just love spending time in this small town in Osage County, Oklahoma, which is also home to The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond and her Mercantile. Our little town is growing up quickly and there are so many new and exciting things to do and see here. It has become quite the travel destination.

A question for you:

We’ve hosted several groups of friends and family, and have more coming this week. And that brings about a question for all of you. What would you think of us putting our Pawhuska house up on Airbnb for others to rent for a night or two when we’re away?

Postcard Place Pawhuska

Many of you have asked if this was a possibility and the more we think and pray about it, the more we think it might just be a good idea. Let us know in the comments section below what you think or if you have experiences with Airbnb you’d like to share. We realize Pawhuska has several incredible places to stay on Airbnb already, but we’d love to see even more people stay in town instead of just stopping by for a couple of hours.


pin for pawhuska house

And, since it’s been awhile since we’ve posted much here about our progress, we thought we’d share a few of the “work in progress” pics. So, here you go — a peek inside our craftsman-style home that’s just a two-minute and 30-second drive from The Pioneer Woman Mercantile.

Postcard Place Pawhuska

We just love having a covered front porch and have already spent a lot of time out there just watching kids play and cars (albeit not very many of them) drive by. The previous owners painted the front and back doors this lovely Tiffany blue/green color and we added a wreath and welcome mat. We also added some home security and will be installing a Ring doorbell soon.

Postcard Place Pawhuska

Some of the things we loved most about this house were the wood floors throughout and the big windows which let in the morning light. The photo above shows our front entryway, which we had painted a lighter shade of grey before adding a new coat rack.

Postcard Place Pawhuska

Postcard Place Pawhuska

The entry way is full of light in the morning and is great place to sit and read or enjoy a cup of coffee. We got two of these faux leather chairs from Wayfair and found the pillows at a shop in Kiefer, Oklahoma, called Birch Designs. We purchased the great buffalo photograph at a local art auction to raise money for art programs in our schools. It is by photographer Laine Smith and is titled, “Thunder.” We just love it.

Postcard Place Pawhuska

Oklahoma history

We’ve worked hard to incorporate pieces that reflect the beauty and history of Oklahoma. The first thing we purchased for our Pawhuska home was the map above of the Oklahoma Territory. We had it framed back in Nebraska and it quickly became the centerpiece for much of our other home decor. I’m no home decorator, but I just fell in love with this map and tried to find other things (like this rug and couch) that would compliment it.

Postcard Place Pawhuska

The fireplace in the living room was already painted white, but we gave it a fresh coat of paint to cover up some smoke stains. Then, we added a few accessories including candlesticks from Fixer Upper’s Clint Harps’s shop in Waco, Texas.

Postcard Place Pawhuska

We’ve also added a few special items of our own like an old globe we found at an antique store in Skiatook, Oklahoma, and a photograph of our daughter, Meghan.

Postcard Place Pawhuska


And of course, we found a prime spot for our Postcard Jar, which is filled with postcards from our friends, family, and readers like you.

Postcard Place Pawhuska

When we bought this house, I was excited to bring some of the antiques and family heirlooms I’d had for years but didn’t really have a place for back in our more modern home in Nebraska. This antique chair has been in my family for decades; I’ve seen old photographs of me pulling myself up on it as a one-year-old. The art pictured above are two ledger paintings we found at a local art gallery by George Levi Cheyenne.

Postcard Place Pawhuska

Like I said, we wanted our home to reflect Oklahoma and since I already had an infatuation with bison, we just had to include a picture of them in our new house. I found this one on Etsy and had it printed and framed. The tiny picture on the table is a selfie I found of Steve, Meghan, and I the very first time we drove into Pawhuska in the summer of 2017. It’s funny that when we took that picture we’d never have believed that about a year later we’d have house here!

The kitchen

Postcard Place Pawhuska

Postcard Place Pawhuska

The kitchen was already renovated when we moved in, but we’ve added a few touches of our own. We added a new chandelier over the table, black drawer pulls and handles, and our friend and neighbor, Gio, mounted some thick wooden shelves on the walls to display glasses and a few of my grandma’s antiques. We had the walls painted a lighter greige (a mix between gray and beige) and Gio painted all of the trim and ceilings a nice bright white. (He’s an amazing painter.)

Postcard Place Pawhuska

We also set up a space for a coffee bar and I designed a wall hanging with one of our favorite travel quotes.

travel quote wall hanging

The hallway was made brighter with a lighter color paint and a new flush mount light. There was already this fantastic barn door in the hallway that hides a stackable washer and dryer. Because of the washer and dryer are where a linen closet used to be, we’ve put a ladder shelf to good use, storing extra towels and laundry supplies.

Postcard Place Pawhuska

Postcard Place Pawhuska

The bedrooms

The house has three bedrooms. We have one room with a king bed, one with a queen, and one with two twin beds. Today, Steve washed duvet covers and sheets and he and Gio hung curtains and blinds. We found nice antique desks at local shops and have had fun accessorizing with lamps, rugs, and throw pillows. We’ll be sure to post some pictures of the bedrooms when they’re ready (hopefully soon).

home in pawhuska

We are feeling so blessed to have this home in Pawhuska and can’t thank our friend, Gio, enough for everything he’s done to help us. In addition, we have the BEST neighbors who exemplify hospitality, keep an eye on our place when we’re gone, and call us when packages arrive before we do. Truly, we could not have done all of this without them.

That’s about all for now. Please do let us know your thoughts on renting our Pawhuska house through Airbnb. We just feel so blessed to be able to live here and would love to share this beautiful home with others if there’s interest.

  • Yesterday was Day 16 of social isolation for us. Because of Ann's underlying heart condition and suppressed immune system, we've cooked all our meals at home (no takeout). We've starting to get more and more creative as time has gone by. ⁣
Last night, we made chicken and shrimp vindaloo and learned online how to make homemade naan.⁣
It wan't as good as our favorite Indian restaurant, The Oven, but it did satisfy the craving we've had for Indian food. ⁣
What are you craving these days?
  • We moved our living room furniture around this week and put two swivel chairs near the sliding glass door. Each day, we take time to turn around, rest our minds, enjoy in the view, and just be. #webelieveinhome
  • Our daughter, Meghan, is a cardiac ICU nurse. Despite all of the current uncertainties in healthcare during this pandemic, early this morning she put on her scrubs and went to work a 12+ hour shift. 
She is not alone. Across the country and around the world, healthcare workers are putting the safety of themselves and their families at risk to help others. It's what they do. Every. Single. Day. 
We are incredibly grateful that there are selfless people like this in the world and we pray for them and we hope you'll join us. 
We couldn't sleep this morning, so we wrote instead. Click on the link in our bio to read our morning thoughts and prayers.
  • Trying to decide where we’ll travel this weekend. Covered porch? Living room? 😉
  • We are staying home. 
We've been here for almost a week now because Ann is one of "those people." You know the ones. Those people with an underlying health issue. Those people with a suppressed immune system. One of those people who could become seriously ill, need hospitalization, and even die if exposed to the coronavirus.  Those people need your help to stay safe and live. And all you have to do is stay home when you don’t NEED to be out.

Over the past few days, we’ve seen photos, videos, and witnessed first hand people of all ages (but mostly young people) gathering in groups for what us mid lifers would consider “non essential” reasons: birthday parties, movies, youth sports practices, St. Patty’s Day celebrations at the bar, spring break at the beach, and the like. 
We don’t understand it. 
We try not to judge. 
But just for a time during this worldwide pandemic, could we ask people who are participating in non-essential activities to consider who “those people” most at risk really are?

Those people are already battling serious illnesses.

Those people want to see their grandchildren grow up.

Those people need to do their jobs as nurses and doctors.

Those people are first responders. 
Those people run the grocery store, and the pharmacy, and the gas station. 
Those people pray for you and your generation. 
And what about those other people? 
The ones you know.

Those people who made sacrifices to meet your needs.

Those people who took care of you when you were sick.

Those people who went to your games and cheered you on. 
Those people who taught you in school.

Those people who helped you pay for college.

Those people who cooked your favorite dish for you.

Those people who taught your Sunday School class.

Those people who have forgiven you.

Those people who will always love you unconditionally.

We keep wanting to scream, “It’s not about you, it’s about those people!” But the truth of the matter is, IT IS ABOUT YOU. 
You have the power to help.
You have the power to influence others.
You have the power to flatten the curve.

And by not changing your behaviors, you also have the power to harm. 
How will you choose to use your power?j
  • We’re sharing your postcards and encouraging you to help others and stay positive. 
If you’d like to send us a postcard, mail to: Postcard Jar, PO Box 334, Crete, NE 68333.
  • Stuck at home? We're just social distancing here in Nebraska and thinking up ways to experience travel without leaving our home. ⁣
We have a NEW BLOG POST (link in bio) with more than a dozen ideas of ways you can curb your wanderlust while stuck at home. ⁣
What are you up to today?
  • It’s Day 2 at home together and here’s what we’re up to. Let us know what you’re doing in the comments below.

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