Yes, we’ve slept around Pawhuska, Oklahoma. All around. When Ann and I were married, we took vows to forsake all others and be faithful to one another. But we’re not too shy to admit we enjoyed sleeping around Pawhuska. Now don’t get too excited. It was just the two of us, by each others’ side every night. (Smile) Through the course of these nights, we’ve developed a great list of places to stay in Pawhuska.


Places to stay in PAWHUSKA, OK-5

Turns out, The Pioneer Woman’s hometown is also home to a number of great bed and bath properties. We have done our best to spend the night in as many as possible. Each property is unique and provides an individual experience. Every place we’ve stayed in Pawhuska has also been exceptionally clean, managed by friendly people, and has reasonable prices. If you’re planning a visit to Pawhuska, we encourage you to book a place in town instead of settling for a chain hotel in another city. Finding a place to stay in Pawhuska gives you the real experience of life in Osage County and the hospitality there is second to none.

Here’s a rundown of the many wonderful places to stay in Pawhuska.

Postcard Place

Ok, we’ll admit we’re a bit biased on this one because Postcard Place is our home in Pawhuska. But we really believe folks should stay in town whenever possible, so we made our own house available on Airbnb when we aren’t at home. Of course, it’s our number one place to stay in Pawhuska.

Places to stay in Pawhuska

We had so much fun decorating and preparing this home; we simply can’t wait to share it with you!

Places to stay in Pawhuska

The 1930’s craftsman-style house is perfect for a weekend getaway or even a longer time exploring Pawhuska and Osage County. Sit and relax on the porch with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Enjoy some time relaxing in the living room and catching up on your favorite TV shows. Stream a movie using the excellent high-speed internet provided.

Places to stay in Pawhuska

Feel like trying out a recipe? The house has a full kitchen stocked with basic spices and all the pots, pans and utensils you’ll need to prepare a delicious meal.

Places to Stay in Pawhuska

While it only has one bathroom, we equipped two of the bedrooms with desks, make-up mirrors, hair dryers, and outlets to make getting ready easier.

Places to stay in Pawhuska

Coming soon: Click HERE to book through Airbnb.

What we enjoy most: relaxing on the covered front porch. Seriously, does life get any better than that?

The Grandview Inn Bed and Breakfast

Stephen and Tiffany Poe are owners of this stately home located just up the hill from The Mercantile on Grandview Ave. This house, formerly owned by Ree and Ladd Drummond, has been beautifully restored and decorated. It is absolutely charming.

Grandview Inn Bed and Breakfast in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

Grandview Inn Bed and Breakfast in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

We enjoyed our stay in the Peacock Room at the Grandview Inn B&B in Pawhuska.

We enjoyed our stay in the Peacock Room at the Grandview Inn B&B in Pawhuska.

Guests are welcome to hang out in the living room and watch TV or head to their well appointed, comfortable accommodations upstairs for a good night’s rest. Each room is uniquely decorated. In the morning, you’ll come down to wonderful aromas wafting out of the kitchen promising a fresh, hot breakfast.

Steven Poe's eggs Benedict was delicious.

Steven Poe’s eggs Benedict at the Grandview Inn was delicious.

We loved sitting at the dining room table and sharing a delicious breakfast with other guests while chatting with the Poes. If you want to stay there you should know that some of the rooms have a private bath attached, while others share one. Ann and I stayed in one of the “shared bathroom” rooms, and it was never a problem. Plus, the Grandview has an on-demand water heater meaning that everyone gets all the hot water they need. This inn is also popular with large groups traveling together as they can share the whole house. See their website for more information.

What we enjoyed most: Visiting over a delicious breakfast with Steven and Tiffany Poe and their adorable children. 

The Flamingo’s Nest

Lauren and Cody Garnett, who are also proprietors of the World Famous Buckin’ Flamingo, own this whole house B&B property located just around the corner from Handy’s. This home can sleep up to 13 people, but Ann and I enjoyed the space just for ourselves, as well.

The Flamingo's Nest is a perfect place for a large group of people to stay.

The Flamingo’s Nest is a perfect place for a large group of people to stay.

This is a great house for your family or a group of friends. It offers a full kitchen, dining room, pool table, living room with entertainment center, as well as three bedrooms and three bathrooms. It also has covered parking behind the house which was great for keeping us out of the sleet as we unloaded the car one cold night.

The Flamingo's Nest is such a fun place to stay, especially with this pool table.

The Flamingo’s Nest is such a fun place to stay, especially with this pool table.

Thank you, Lauren and Cody, for the complimentary night in your wonderful property. We slept really well!

What we enjoyed most: Having an entire house to ourselves! 

The Pioneer Woman Boarding House

With eight unique rooms in a totally renovated building only two doors down from The Merc, The Pioneer Woman Boarding House brings “cowboy luxury” to life with amenities like custom-made coffee brought straight to your room each morning, and a wine and cheese reception each evening.

The Prairie Room at The Pioneer Woman Boarding House.

The Tack Room at The Pioneer Woman Boarding House.

In addition, guests at The Boarding House enjoy valet parking, room service, and even get reservations so they can skip the line at The Merc. This may all sound too good to be true, but it is all very real.

The bathroom in the Emerald Room features a claw foot tub and a walk in shower.

The bathroom in the Emerald Room features a claw foot tub and a walk in shower.

Add those VIP amenities to the huge, spacious rooms with genuine Tempur-Pedic mattresses and luxurious bathrooms that have to be seen to be believed, and you’ll find yourself immersed in a beautiful, relaxing place you won’t want to leave.

What we enjoyed most: Visiting with staff and other guests over complimentary wine and cheese. And, of course, the his and hers toilets. 

The Oilman’s Daughter

Even though we’ve really gotten around, there are still a few more places we’d like to try. A recent addition to Pawhuska’s lodging scene is the Oilman’s Daughter. Owned by two sisters who are some of the friendliest folks we’ve met, they spent months renovating this home and making it a beautiful and luxurious place to stay.

Places to stay in Pawhuska

Behind the house (surrounded by a beautiful privacy fence) you can relax with a glass of wine in ample seating on a large patio around the gas fire pit. The covered front porch with its rocking chairs is a marvelous place for relaxing, front-porch sitting, and absorbing small town life. With four king bedrooms and three and a half baths, the house is a perfect location for a luxurious couples getaway.

Places to stay in Pawhuska

What we enjoyed most: Luxury around every corner. It’s unlike any place we’ve ever stayed.

Redbud Cottage

The Redbud Cottage is a charming house located on 7th street. This whole house rental offers three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an attached double garage.

There is a large living room and open floor plan at Redbud Cottage in Pawhuska.

There is a large living room and open floor plan at Redbud Cottage in Pawhuska.

It also has a full kitchen (with Pioneer Woman dishes and pans), dining room, living room, sunroom, and fenced-in backyard complete with a gas grill. All this makes it a perfect getaway for a family or for a group of friends hoping to explore The Merc, Pawhuska, and Osage County.

Redbud Cottage is a perfect place for a girls weekend getaway.

Redbud Cottage is a perfect place for a girls weekend getaway.

We took our moms there and loved the flexibility we had being in our own house. We could make coffee (it’s provided!) when we wanted, and even prepare a full meal. Plus, being just a couple of blocks from downtown, the house is super convenient to so many amenities in Pawhuska.

What we enjoyed most: The water pressure. Seriously, one of the best showers we’ve ever had. 

The Million Dollar Inn

Overlooking downtown Pawhuska and across the street from the site of the Million Dollar Elm and the Osage Nation Museum, sits this charming bed and bath property that has been fully renovated. Owner Cheryl Potts has decorated each of the four guest suites in the house with heirlooms from her family that show her unique style and personal flair.

A sunny sitting room at the Million Dollar Inn in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

A sunny sitting room at the Million Dollar Inn in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

The house boasts a common area with a TV and large windows that offer a lovely view of downtown, making this property a nice one for groups traveling to Pawhuska together. In addition, each suite is equipped with its own kitchenette and full bathroom. Oh, and we LOVED the super-comfortable bed.

The Million Dollar Inn in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

The Million Dollar Inn in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

We spent a lovely evening visiting on lawn chairs outside with Cheryl and her husband who were a real pleasure to get to know. We’d like to thank them for the complimentary night we spent in this great property.

What we enjoyed most: A very comfortable bed and soft, luxurious bedding. Oh, and the view. 

The Prairie Cottages

We stayed in one of the cottages in the spring of 2018, shortly after they opened. Two cottages occupy what had been a vacant lot on Main St. next to the Prairie Cottage store and are conveniently located about 89 steps from the Merc.

The Prairie Cottages are located just 89 steps from The Pioneer Woman Mercantile in downtown Pawhuska.

The Prairie Cottages are located just steps from The Pioneer Woman Mercantile in downtown Pawhuska.

The inside of the Prairie Cottage in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

The inside of the Prairie Cottage in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

One of the cottages has two queen beds, while the other features a king bed. These cottages both have all the modern amenities you’d want in a hotel room (including coffee, a coffee maker, and WiFi) while still giving you the privacy of your own building.

What we enjoyed most: The location. I’m pretty sure I could smell Ree’s chicken fried steak from the front porch. 

The Historic Whiting Bed and Bath

This hotel, built in the 1920’s, is about two blocks up Kihekah Ave. from The Merc and offers some of the most unique rooms in town. Located above the Osage Square Mall, the rooms were originally efficiency apartments for newlyweds and oilfield workers. Over the past 30 years, the apartments have been renovated into unique rooms that retain a historic feel, some with the original Murphy bed frames from the 1920’s.

French room

The French room at the Historic Whiting Bed and Bath. Courtesy photo.

The Whiting Bed and Bath has so much character and history.

The Whiting Bed and Bath has so much character and history.

With chairs to take outside onto the shared balcony, you can spend time watching the comings and goings in downtown Pawhuska. Some of the rooms have only a large, antique clawfoot tub with no shower, so ask when you make your reservation if that makes a difference to you. No matter which room you choose, however, it is sure to be clean and comfortable. This property is also excellent for large groups traveling together.

What we enjoyed most: Ann loved bathing in an old fashioned claw-foot tub. 

Little Rainsong Loft

We didn’t spend a night at the Little Rainsong Loft, but the owner was kind enough to let us go there and use it for a day. So, we set up shop and did some blogging from the table.

Places to stay in Pawhuska

We loved everything about this clean, comfortable space. The location, about 2 blocks from The Merc on Kihekah Ave. is wonderful. The space was clean and full of beautiful art. In back, there’s also a fire pit–perfect for late night gab sessions with a bottle of wine. If you’re looking for a great space for your visit to Pawhuska, this just might be it!

Places to stay in Pawhuska

What we loved most: The location in downtown Pawhuska is terrific, and the space is full of beautiful art.

More places to stay in Pawhuska

The Farmhouse Relatively Near the Prairie, and the Cottage Relatively Near the Prairie next door, are two houses that recently completed total renovations. Both look beautiful. The Farmhouse has a huge yard with fire pit perfect for a group get-together. We are planning to stay there in July of this year and will update this post with pictures when we have them. For now, know that we’ve heard great things about both places.

The Lodge at Taylor Ranch is a bit out of town, but it is located on a championship disc golf course and offers a lake view. We have not stayed here, yet, either, but plan to do so in the future and look forward to sharing with you what we learn and experience. What we do know is that the owners are super-friendly people and the space looks to be clean, quiet, and inviting. And who wouldn’t love a relaxing night near a beautiful pond.

Taylor Ranch disc golf course in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

Then, there’s the Maybelle, another old Pawhuska mansion that has been turned into a B&B that we’ve heard is absolutely beautiful. The Wah-Zha-Zhi house, located close to downtown, has two fully renovated efficiency apartments that are available for rent. JJ’s Place, Park Place Bed and Bath, Gray Haven, and Haven on the Hill are all full-house rentals in town.

The Frontier Hotel includes 20 rooms in what is known as the Triangle Building just across the street from The Mercantile. We anxiously watched the renovations year and are excited the hotel is now open for business.

Triangle Building, Pawhuska, Oklahoma

The newly-renovated Triangle building with its lights on for the first time in decades. This picture was taken in July 2018, right before the grand opening of the Frontier Hotel.

Stay in Pawhuska when you come!

With this many options available, make sure that you try to find a place stay in Pawhuska when you come. You’ll be close to the action, which in a small town is refreshingly little, and you’ll be the first one downtown for a Pioneer Woman breakfast in the morning. Plus, you’ll get to experience Pawhuska like a local, and kind of have the town to yourself after all the crowds leave for the evening. And there’s nothing better than that.

NOTE: New Airbnb properties are opening all the time in Pawhuska. Bookmark this page–we’ll update it from time-to-time with new information.

Have you slept in Pawhuska? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.


Places to stay in PAWHUSKA, OK-5

Places to stay in PAWHUSKA, OK-5

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