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We opened our home and Airbnb in Pawhuska called Postcard Place this summer and have been welcoming guests from all over the country. And no, we’re not too freaked out that total strangers are regularly sleeping in our bed. Honestly, we have really enjoyed having people stay at our house while we’re away. No really, it has been great.

living room at postcard place in pawhuska

We decided earlier this summer to share our home with visitors to Osage County through Airbnb and so far, we have no regrets. Typically, when we tell people we share our home on Airbnb, we get an arsenal of questions about what it’s like. So today, we’re answering some of the most common questions for all of you.

Q: Is it weird having people sleep in your bed?

This is the #1 question we get asked about our Airbnb in Pawhuska. If I’m being honest, it’s a little weird. But Steve likes to remind me that we sleep in hotel beds all the time without thinking about who lay there the night before, so why should we be worried at home? Initially, we thought we’d close off our bedroom to guests. However, it is the only king sized bed in the house (we also have a queen and two XL twins) and since we always look for places to stay with king beds, we thought others might prefer the same.

postcard place king room

Also, we launder the bedding, duvet covers, and shams after every stay and have protective covers on all the pillows and mattresses. And, because our housekeeper, Jen, is SO AWESOME, we can’t even tell anyone’s ever been there when we return. Seriously, it’s like no one else set foot inside the house while we were gone.

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Q: What exactly is Airbnb?

Airbnb is a community built on home sharing. It began in 2008 when two designers who had space to share hosted three travelers looking for a place to stay while attending a design conference. Fun fact: Initially, they set up a website called, and guests slept on air mattresses in their kitchen. Later, they shortened the name of their company to Airbnb.

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Now millions (yes, millions) of hosts and travelers create free Airbnb accounts so they can list their space and book unique accommodations anywhere in the world. Travelers book a room or an entire house online though the Airbnb website or phone app.

If you’ve never used Airbnb before, click on this link for $40 off your first stay.

Q: Is Airbnb safe?

We have been both guests and hosts through Airbnb and have concluded it is very safe. Airbnb helps make it that way by verifying personal profiles and listings, including through government-issued photo IDs. They maintain a messaging system so hosts and guests can communicate with certainty, and they’ve developed an online platform to collect and transfer payments that is confidential and safe. So far, we’ve had zero concerns about safety.

keyless entry ring

We’ve also taken some extra steps at our Airbnb in Pawhuska. Our friend and neighbor, Gio, helped us install safety equipment including a video doorbell, motion lights and cameras on the outside of our home. We have keyless entry and each guest has a unique code for the specific time they have access to the house. And, those random codes change for every guest. We also have a very active and attentive neighborhood watch in place.

Q: How many people can your Airbnb in Pawhuska accommodate?

We allow up to six people to stay at Postcard Place. Our Airbnb in Pawhuska has three bedrooms with a king, queen, and two XL twin beds. We only have one bathroom, but we’ve set up two of the rooms with tables and mirrors so after showering, you can get ready in your room.

xl twin room at postcard place

Q: How far is your house from The Pioneer Woman Mercantile?

Or Airbnb in Pawhuska is about one mile from The Mercantile and the best chicken fried steak you’ll ever eat. Google Maps says it is a four-minute drive, but honestly, it takes us no more than two and a half and we don’t speed. You can also walk to Charlie’s Sweet Shop which is right across the street from The Merc.

Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond Ice Cream Charlies Sweet Shop

We’ve walked to Charlie’s before and it took us about 15 minutes. And just in case you were curious, one mile of walking burns about 150 calories – the same amount in a half cup of the strawberry ice cream there. If you walk back, you can burn the calories in a waffle cone. Just sayin’.

Q: Do you have to provide amenities as hosts?

Airbnb hosts can provide as many or as few amenities as they’d like. We provide our guests with more than 35 amenities, including all the basics like shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and a hair dryer. We also provide lots of extras that we love when we travel, like USB/electrical outlets at every bedside, desk fans, make-up remover wipes, and good coffee and creamer.

amenities at postcard place

We tried to think of what makes a stay special when we travel and incorporated all of those things into Postcard Place. We also leave stamped Pawhuska postcards for our guests (of course, we do) so they can send a “wish you were here” message to friends and family back home.

guest book at postcard place

Q: What do guests seem to like most about your Airbnb in Pawhuska?

Our guests have told us (in our guest book or through online reviews) they love that Postcard Place is sparkling clean and nicely decorated.

postcard place farmhouse decor

The most common comments are that they enjoyed the bright and cheery decor, the comfy beds and bedding, and sipping coffee from the rocking chairs on the front porch. Many of our guests comment that they just enjoyed the relaxing space to spend time with friends and family and reconnect. Nothing could make us happier.

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postcard place review

Q: Can guests cook in your kitchen?

We do allow guests to use the kitchen at our Airbnb in Pawhuska and even leave all of our kitchen supplies out for them, including pots and pans, dishes, spices, and condiments. That said, I don’t think we’ve had anyone use many of them yet. Ha!

Places to Stay in Pawhuska

There are so many great places to eat in Pawhuska that typically, people don’t cook at Postcard Place. Our favorite restaurants include The Pioneer Woman Mercantile, P-Town Pizza, Buffalo Joe’s (they have a fantastic breakfast burrito), Simple Simon’s Pizza, Rancho los Primos, Grill 125, and El Vallarta’s. Oh, and of course, Charlie’s Sweet Shop.

kitchen shelf at postcard place

We do provide a Keurig coffee maker (along with coffee, cream, and sugar) as well as a microwave just in case someone wants to warm up a pecan roll from The Mercantile bakery.

The Pioneer Woman pecan sticky buns

Q: Have you had anything stolen from your Airbnb in Pawhuska?

People always ask us this question. With the exception of one group that, for whatever reason, took home all our extra toilet paper, no. Most of our guests are really sweet groups of women who are fans of The Pioneer Woman. They seem to be a pretty honest and respectful bunch, so far. These ladies (not the ones who took the TP) had a great mother/daughter/granddaughter trip to celebrate an 80th birthday and didn’t take a thing other than this photo!

postcard place review

Q: How can I book Postcard Place?

You can book our Airbnb in Pawhuska called Postcard Place online by clicking HERE. Since this is also our home, we open up dates dates for bookings as we know our travel schedule and when we’re not going to be there. You can usually see dates available about three months in advance. If you’ve never used Airbnb before,  we also have a special $40 off your first stay link HERE.

For $40 off you first Airbnb stay, CLICK HERE.  We’d also love to have you follow Postcard Place on Facebook and Instagram. (Note: As Amazon Influencers and Airbnb hosts, we earn from qualifying purchases).

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