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We’re Steve and Ann Teget and we live in a small, rural town in southeast Nebraska where the corn is knee high by the 4th of July June and there’s usually someone you know in every aisle at Walmart. We love it here, but we also love to see new places and experience new things. So we travel. And we write colorful stories about the places we’ve been and the experiences we’ve shared in hopes of influencing others to just #goplaces!

For a long time, we focused on our careers and spent more than two decades in public education and corporate America. Like many others, we ran the rat race year after year and longed for the days when we could take a real vacation without having to worry about checking our emails or answering phone calls. Then, enough was enough.  Ann stopped working in 2014 when she was diagnosed with a chronic illness and after months of consideration and prayer, Steve quit his job as a middle school principal in 2017 so we could enjoy more time together and explore some other opportunities.

For now, we’re taking some time to focus on health, family, ministry, travel, and whatever else makes us smile. We’re glad you’re here and  hope you’ll come along on our journey.

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Oh, and don’t forget to send us a postcard at P.O. Box 334, Crete, NE  68333. We’d love to see where you’ve been.

More fun facts

  • We absolutely love Nebraska Cornhusker football and anxiously count the days until the next kickoff when we can eat Runzas and yell “Go Big Red.” Don’t know what Runza is? It’s worth a trip to Nebraska to find out.
  • Ann had a daughter when she was 24 and raised her as a single parent until she met Steve and they were married in 2011.
  • Our daughter, Meghan, graduated from the University of Nebraska – Omaha with a degree in Spanish and she is now applying to nursing schools. She also loves to travel and even wrote a guest post for us called, “What I learned traveling with my mom.”
  • Steve is great at card tricks and often entertains random people in airports with his magic.
  • Neither of us was married until we were 38 and 42. We dated for a year and had a short engagement. We bought a house, finished the basement and planned a formal wedding in less than two months (and took a two-week vacation during that time, as well).
  • Steve is a big fan of bacon.
  • Ann is obsessed with cleaning the kitchen counters.
  • Steve was a four-year varsity letterman in fencing at Lawrence University. Ann was a two-time state champion golfer at Crete High School

For a glimpse into our lives

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  1. Kellie Wostrel   •  

    Hi Ann! I was looking at LinkedIn and found your blog. It looks like life is treating you well, and that you are living every moment! You’re a great writer! Looking forward to reading more of your adventures!
    Kellie (Habeeb) Wostrel

    • Ann Ann   •  

      Kellie!!!! It has been too long. So glad you found Postcard Jar and I hope you’ll follow along on our journeys. I’ll message you on LinkedIn. 🙂

  2. Shutterbug Sage   •  

    Hi Steve and Ann! I’m SOOOOOOO glad I found your blog, especially your post about The Pioneer Woman Mercantile. I’m working on a post that will go live shortly, and I plan to add a link back to your site.

    After maintaining a 365-project blog for several years, I was in the process of evolving it to a travel blog that seems in line with yours — travel adventures for people with wanderlust AND a real life. Sadly, my house flooded a year ago June, so everything has been on hold for 15 months BUT I’m finally getting it going. At last!

    I look forward to following your travel adventures, and I’ll post a comment on your Pioneer Woman post when the link is live. Best!

  3. Susan   •  

    Hi Ann and Steve I love your Costa Rica pics (you in spa-Steve in chair and want to use it at work on a mailer to existing customers who may earn a trip with our company0. But I need to get your permission. Email me for number if you want to talk. Susan

    • Ann Ann   •  

      Thanks, Susan! We absolutely love Costa Rica. It is a fantastic place to kick back and really relax. Pura Vida! I’ll email for more details on use of our photos for your mailers. Thanks for following Postcard Jar!

  4. wendy   •  

    Leg stretches in the middle of nowhere Iowa and I had the opportunity to meet you!
    Steves new t-shirt gave you away and I reccomended that you put a decal on your vehicles as one of the most visible forms of advertising.
    I am unaquainted with blogs but your smile and enthusiasm for life was magnetic!!
    “Bloom where you are planted!”

    • Ann Ann   •  

      Thanks, Wendy. It was great to meet you, as well. We loved your idea about the car decal and we’re on it! Who knows, maybe our paths will cross again “somewhere in the state Iowa” (what musical is that from?). Happy travels.

  5. Ann Ann   •  

    Thanks for your kind words, Jen. It has been a long time coming, but we’re excited to finally launch! Let us know what you’d like to see on the site.

  6. Jen Van Winkle   •  

    Ann and Steve,
    I’ve been patiently waiting for this blog to get up and running. As two people that I love and cherish, it’s so exciting to see this wish become a reality. You both are so perfectly suited for each other as is evidenced in this “About Us” page. Please know that I’m truly an admirer of you individually and as a couple. You’re an inspiration to me…and I aim to live as fully as you. I fall terribly short most of the time, but you are the catalyst that motivates me to try again. Blessings to you on this and other adventures.
    Safe travels, my friends.


  7. Ann Ann   •  

    Thanks, Jeanne. I’m so glad you liked the post and shared it. We’ll look forward to seeing you again!

  8. Jeanne   •  

    Steve and Ann

    What a fabulous piece! I think your next career is writing travel books! You treated us so kindly. The photos were great. The writing was spot-on! It reminded me of the book Off the Beaten Path Nebraska when Mary Ethel Emmanuel was writing it. (She has since passed on, but while alive she was Nebraska’s greatest cheerleader.) She had a fabulous instinct for finding places, and was able to present them in such a wonderful and accurate way. Your writing has that same flair.

    I hope you don’t mind, but we put your link on our facebook. It has had 80 percent greater interest than anything on there.

    Looking forward to your next visit!

    Best regards,

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