Outside our new house in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

A glimpse inside our new house (and life) in Pawhuska, Oklahoma

It was two weeks ago yesterday that we moved into our new house in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, and we are so excited to be here! We spent much of the first week unpacking, getting utilities hooked up, and just finding our way around town.

Pawhuska house before bringing boxes in.

A view from the dining room into the living room on move-in day.

We brought a U-Haul full of stuff from Nebraska and are trying our best to fill in with purchases made locally in Pawhuska. We’ve been to four auctions, scavenged the local thrift and consignment stores, and found some things at local places like The Buckin’ Flamingo, Prairie Cottage, The Book Burrow, and The Pioneer Woman Mercantile.

Pawhuska house Buckin' Flamingo window frame

We purchased this window frame at the Buckin’ Flamingo in downtown Pawhuska.

Admittedly, we’ve had to run to nearby Bartlesville for a few items and did some online shopping for things we couldn’t find in town, but the house is really coming together and feeling more like home every day.

Pawhuska house shelves

It has been fun filling book shelves with items found in local shops, like these books from the Book Burrow and the horse head bookend from Sister’s Attic.

The decorating is not complete and we still need to finalize a few details like end tables, lamps, and chairs (ha!), but we wanted to give y’all a little peek inside our place, anyway. So here we go!

First, you must know that the former owners did an amazing job remodeling this 1,500 square foot, 1930’s craftsman house. They stripped all the wood floors, updated the fireplace, took out a wall that separated the kitchen and dining area and gutted both the kitchen and full bath, among other things. Take a look at this entryway.

We love the bright entryway that the front door opens into. Not sure exactly what we're going to do with this space yet, but Ann is already picturing a Christmas tree in the window.

We love the bright entryway that the front door opens up into. Not sure exactly what we’re going to do with this space yet, but Ann is already picturing a Christmas tree in the window.

I love the bright sunlight that fills this space in the morning. Still trying to figure out what to put in this room, but I’m thinking about some kind of cozy chair(s) to curl up in with a cup of coffee or a good book. And aren’t the natural floors just beautiful?

Pawhuska house hardwood floors

The previous owners sanded and refinished the original hardwood floors. They are beautiful and we love that they left blemishes and original nails.

Pawhuska house living room

We love the way the sunlight comes in first thing in the morning.

The entryway opens up into a pretty good-sized living room, which we love. We’re hopeful that the temperatures here in Oklahoma will eventually cool down and we’ll want to use the fireplace.

Pawhuska house antique chair

This antique chair was given to us by Ann’s mom years ago. She had it in her first home when Ann was just a baby and it is so nice to have it with us in Pawhuska.

The bright yellow Tonka truck by the fireplace in the photo below was accidentally purchased at our first auction. I thought we were bidding on two round end tables and alerted Steve to bid. Without hesitation, he quickly raised his paper plate buyer’s number and the auctioneer said, “Sold!” Sadly, we were actually bidding on the truck (which we got for $10) and are still without end tables. Nonetheless, it makes a good conversation piece.

Pawhuska house fireplace

The beautiful fireplace in the living room with a working gas log is one of our favorite parts of the house. The Tonka truck was an accidental purchase at an auction. Long story, but great conversation piece.

Pawhuska house Harp Design candlesticks

We purchased these candlesticks from Harp Design Co., in Waco, Texas, last summer. We visited there two days after our first visit to Pawhuska.

Pawhuska living room

The living room of our Pawhuska home. The blue tape is where we’ll put a really cool map of Oklahoma that we’ve ordered.

We’ve tried to make the living room comfy, cozy and welcoming to friends and visitors. We’ve already had a few people stop by and can’t wait for Steve’s mom and dad to come for a visit in a few weeks.

As you know, we’ve picked up a few things for the house at area auctions, including this cute Crete Carrier collectible semi truck. While this large carrier company is now headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, it started in nearby Crete, Nebraska, where we have roots. Still need to find a real picture for that crackled frame.

Pawhuska house Crete truck.

We found this Crete Carrier Corp. toy truck at a local auction and thought it would be a great nod to our Nebraska roots. Crete Carrier is now based in Lincoln, but started in our hometown. Oh, and we still need a new photo for that frame.

Another little slice of memorabilia we’ve added to the bookcase in the living room is this selfie from a June 2017 road trip we had with our daughter, Meghan. This was the day after Steve’s last day as middle school principal and was taken just before we rolled into Pawhuska for the first time. We could never have imagined buying a house here just a little more than a year later and this photo is a great reminder that you never know how a new adventure will impact the rest of your life.

Picture entering Pawhuska

We took this picture in the summer of 2017 as we passed the sign coming in to Pawhuska for the first time. We never would have imagined that day that we’d own a house here a year later.

Of course, a postcard jar also made the move and this one is filled with postcards from all over the world sent to us by readers like you. We have been so blessed by your greetings and the opportunities to get to know so many wonderful people through our blog.

Pawhuska house postcard jar

Well, it just wouldn’t be home without a postcard jar.

We’re also getting to know our neighbors here and have visited two different churches. We’ve familiarized ourselves with new aisles at the grocery store and found new shortcuts across town (although you get about anywhere is less than three minutes).

The high school football team debuts on a new turf field this Friday night and we’re looking forward to that. We hope you’ve enjoyed this little peek inside our new home and life here in Oklahoma. We’ll share more later but right now, we need to take a break from blogging and get over to El Vallarta’s for the $4.99 lunch special.


We recently bought 1,500 sq. ft. home in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. Here's a peek inside.

We recently bought 1,500 sq. ft. home in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. Here’s a peek inside.


  1. Billie Maxine Stiles   •  

    Welcome, I have lived in Pawhuska more than any place else in my life. Elementary school, Jr. High & High School graduate in 1961. My father had many business’s here, one being the Triangle Bldg when it had lots Lawyers, Accountants, Main floor was Carpet Sales, Jewelry Store, Finance Co. & Federal Housing Administration office. Things were going well back in the 70’s & things started dying down in the early 80’s. I owned & operated the Evergreen Station & Store south of Pawhuska on Hwy 99. Dad owned the Pawhuska Ready-Mix Plant & I managed it for him, He had many other business’s in Pawhuska & employed a number of residents. That is why I am so thrilled that Ree & Ladd’s (Mercantile) Business’s have taken off & brought life back to Pawhuska! If I remember correctly your home was owned by the Vance Family. Mr. Vance was an attorney here & their only child Linda married E.C. Mullendore of the Mullendore Ranch, north of Pawhuska.

  2. Jeni F   •  

    Your new home is so gorgeous. I’m so happy for you two!

    • Ann Ann   •     Author

      Thanks, Jeni. Please let us know if you’re ever in this area. There are some really great and unique places to eat!

  3. Jacki   •  

    I LUV your new house and all of your purchases!! We miss you in Crete and have been enjoying the fruits of your labor in your garden!! 😉

    • Ann Ann   •     Author

      Thanks, Jacki! We miss you guys, too. Glad you’re enjoying the garden. We’ll see you soon.

    • Ann Ann   •     Author

      The truck is definitely going in the “memorable experiences” file. 🙂 Thanks for following along.

  4. Julie Wilkens   •  

    This house is beautiful! Why Pawhuska?

    • Ann Ann   •     Author

      We visited this small town for the first time more than a year ago and just fell in love with it. It is very quiet and easy going, has some of the most hospitable people we’ve ever met, and the wide open prairies of northeast Oklahoma are just beautiful And, it’s about 20 degrees warmer in the winter than where we’re from in Nebraska. You can read more about our decision to buy a house in Pawhuska at this link https://bit.ly/2wbESOr. Thanks for following along.

  5. Anonymous   •  

    Looks great!!

    • Ann Ann   •     Author

      Thanks so much! We still have a lot to do, but it is certainly coming along.

  6. Beverly D   •  

    So excited for your new adventures!

    • Steve Steve   •  

      Thank you, Beverly! We are excited, as well!

    • Steve Steve   •  

      Thanks, Sara! It really is pretty exciting! You will have to come back to Pawhuska, sometime!

    • Ann Ann   •     Author

      Thanks, Suzanne. We’re having a ball here (and getting work done, too). 🙂 Hope you are well.

  7. Anonymous   •  

    It’s been great following your adventures and the postcard jar ‼️

    • Ann Ann   •     Author

      We’re so glad you enjoy it. Thanks for following along.

  8. Sharry   •  

    Love, Love, Love this!!! I’m so excited for you guys!! Can’t wait to see it!

    • Ann Ann   •     Author

      Come on down! We’d love to have you.

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