After months of dilly dallying around with the idea (slash dream) of a travel blog, we decided to just get it going this weekend. We’ve got a day to kill in cold and gloomy Rochester, Minnesota,  before I return for the third time since January to the Mayo Clinic.  I’ll be having an electrophysiology study and a heart biopsy tomorrow and we’re hopeful that this procedure will help doctors reach a diagnosis.

We’ve been talking about travel blogging for more than a year now.  Since the first mention, we’ve been to Sonoma, Eureka Springs, Nashville, Alaska, Branson, Vancouver, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Hays (that’s in Kansas), and of course, Rochester, MN. We have pictures and post ideas from each of these places and every time we visit someplace new, we talk about how we wished we had our blog up an running by now.

So, here it is. No followers. Nothing fancy. Just a way for us to reminisce about our travels, offer our suggestions, and mostly, to dream of places we haven’t been … yet.