No Fixer Upper fan’s trip to Waco, Texas, would be complete without a stop at carpenter extraordinaire Clint Harp’s design company. When we were in Waco last month visit Magnolia Market [read more about that HERE], we took a little jaunt about a mile down the road to get a glimpse of Harp’s white distressed candle sticks and farmhouse tables up close.

Things we loved about the Harp Design Company in Waco, Texas

Hand turned candlesticks are for sale at the Harp Design Co.

Things we loved about the Harp Design Company in Waco, Texas

Beautiful displays of home decor at the Harp Design Co.

We weren’t disappointed. The store was filled with Clint Harp originals, including his signature candlesticks, along with lots of other home decor items curated by Clint’s wife, Kelly. It really was beautiful.

Things we loved about the Harp Design Company in Waco, Texas

There are lots of great decor items for sale at the Harp Design Co.

I loved looking around the small shop at the perfectly-organized displays full of wooden treasures, unique wall decor, and lots of pretty things for the kitchen — like wooden chargers and cutting boards.

Things we loved about the Harp Design Company in Waco, Texas

A slice of a large tree branch serves as a charger for a place setting at the Harp Design Co.

Things we loved about the Harp Design Company in Waco, Texas

Hand made cutting boards at the Harp Design Company

I knew before we went to Harp Design Co. that I wanted to purchase three of the hand turned candlesticks, and it was fun to pick each of them out, as no two pieces were the same. I thought they were reasonably priced ($23-36) and liked that they all had the HDC logo branded into the bottom.

Things we loved about the Harp Design Company in Waco, Texas

Hand turned candlesticks beautifully displayed at Harp Design Co.

One of the displays that really caught my eye was the wall of distressed letters made of reclaimed wood. They were difficult to resist. So I didn’t.

Things we loved about the Harp Design Company in Waco, Texas

These handmade letters at the Harp Design Co. are made with reclaimed wood.

I added the letters “G” and “O” to my pile of candlesticks and looked forward to hanging them on a gallery wall in our new home office. They will be a great addition to the wall, along with lots of other travel memorabilia, maps, and pictures.

After making our purchases, we ventured outside the shop to check out the Harp House next door. The Harp House, is the former home of Clint and Kelly Harp, where they lived for more than two years after the house was renovated by Chip and Joanna Gaines on a season one episode of Fixer Upper. The Harps don’t live there anymore, and we completely understand their desire for a bit more privacy.

Things we loved about the Harp Design Company in Waco, Texas

The Harp House that was featured on Fixer Upper is now available for guest bookings.

Do you remember this house “before?” It was featured in season one, episode five and was titled “The 15th Street Story.” The house had been been abandoned for several years and was filled with trash. The Gaines renovated the house, bringing back amazing wood floors and designing a kitchen in which anyone would love to cook. Clint put his touches on the house by crafting a gorgeous front door, kitchen island, and staircase. You can read more about the renovation and see before and after pictures HERE.

Things we loved about the Harp Design Company in Waco, Texas

The beautiful front door of the Harp House featured on Fixer Upper.

Today, the house is available for people to stay and is perfect for couples, families, or group retreats. The high ceilings, beautiful kitchen, and multiple living spaces make it a great place for visitors to Waco, and it’s right next door to the Harp Design Co.,  just in case you want to shop for candlesticks.

Have you visited Harp Design Co. in Waco, Texas? What did you think? Did you buy anything special? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

As always, thanks for sharing (and pinning).

Harp Design Co. in Waco, Texas.

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