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As regular readers of our blog know, we are avid cruisers, and simply love every minute we spend at sea. Cruising is a unique type of vacation, and there are some things we’ve found that really help smooth out the seas while we’re on board. We’ve put together this list of gift ideas that any cruise lover will appreciate having at sea. You should know that some of the links are affiliate links, and that as Amazon Influencers we earn from qualifying purchases.

gift ideas for cruisers

Gifts for cruisers

Eagle Creek Packing SetWe use these sets for every single trip we take, whether on land or at sea. Why? Because they are, in a word, amazing. When we took a four week trip to Italy, we used these and they made the whole trip work. Steve was able to pack 16 XXL shirts in one of the pack-it folders! We first found them at The Container Store but you can also purchase them from our Amazon store. The fact that you can easily pack so much makes this one of our top gifts for cruisers this year.

Maui Jim Sunglasses – Most folks want to cruise to a warm place where the sun is shining. A pair of Maui Jim polarized sunglasses make all the difference when gazing out to sea, plus the right pair can make a fashion statement when your cruiser sips cocktails on the pool deck. If these don’t fit your holiday budget (we saved up for ours), there are lots of other options for quality polarized sunglasses like these

Tote bagWhenever someone heads up to the pool deck or goes ashore for a relaxing day on the beach, they need a bag to carry towels, sunblock and other necessities. This good-looking bag is a super useful gift for the cruiser in your life.

Thank you notesOn all of our cruises, we’ve been impressed by the incredible service we’ve received from the crew. The workers on board go above and beyond to make our vacation time memorable and fun, and we like to show our appreciation for their efforts. Take a box thank you notes along for the crew. We write a personalized note and include a little something extra for those crew members who have worked extra hard to make our vacation memorable.

Coolibar Hat We first found these hats at the Garden Center in Pawhuska. We quickly fell in love with them because they are cool, comfortable, lightweight, really easy to pack, and they offer great sun protection. We wear them both on the pool deck and while ashore and a perfect gift for cruisers.

Sharpie highlightersOk, so might be wondering why someone might need a highlighter on a cruise. Well, it’s simple, really. Every night, the room attendant drops off a paper planner listing the next day’s activities. Ann absolutely loves these little newsletters. She uses the highlighter to mark the activities we want to do the next day to help us remember the times and places of each activity. 

AirPodsCordless, lightweight, and small, a set of AirPods is a great addition to any music-loving cruiser’s packing list. They can use them to listen to their favorite tunes while they bask on their balcony or relax pool deck and know they aren’t disturbing their neighbors. AirPods are also great for a jog on deck or while working out in the gym. This is such a versatile gift, we had to include it on our list of gifts for cruisers.

Magnetic ClipsDid you know that cruise ship cabin walls and doors are made of steel? This means that magnetic clips can be really handy to have on a cruise to organize papers, tickets, and other items and hang them on the wall. This gift for cruisers frees up counter space for more important things, like a bottle of champagne!

Towel bar clipsEvery cruiser knows that storage on a ship is at a bit of a premium. These hooks give more options for hanging towels, swim suits, and more. We took two of them on our last cruise and used them everyday. 

Lanyard – Folks on a cruise only have to carry one thing with them while on board: their room key. Sure, it opens their room door, but it also lets them buy drinks, make reservations, and even purchase items in the shops. Instead of carrying a purse or wallet, many cruisers opt to attach their key to a lanyard so the key easy to carry and handy to use. Plus, the right lanyard is a stylish and fun addition to any outfit, making these great gifts for cruisers. When you purchase a lanyard before your cruise, make sure it comes with an ID badge holder or order one separately. 

More gifts for cruisers

“Life is Just Better at Sea” Postcard Jar t-shirtAvid cruisers will tell you that life is better at sea, so help them share the word with this highly stylish (if we do say so, ourselves) t-shirt that can be worn on land or at sea. We also have a few other cruise designs available such as “My embarkation day shirt,” “My disembarkation day shirt” and “WARNING: I bought the drink package.” Order by Dec. 10, 2019, to get your t-shirt before Christmas. 

Cruise luggage tagsBefore boarding the ship on the first day of a cruise, passengers need to attach luggage tags to their bags so they are delivered to the correct room. Cruise lines provide paper tags so there is a risk of the tag falling off. The cruiser in your life will love attaching this durable, water-resistant luggage tag to their bags and peace of mind knowing their bag should make it to their room without a problem. 

Sun blockAnyone headed out on a cruise will want to bring plenty of sunblock along, making this a perfect gift for cruisers. We are big fans of this Neutrogena sunblock because it sprays on, but doesn’t leave us with a greasy feeling. It is also easy to pack and so far, hasn’t leaked in our suitcase. 

Eagle Creek neck wallet When we travel, especially overseas, we want to keep certain personal belongings safe. This neck wallet from Eagle Creek holds our passports along with the debit/credit cards and cash we’ll need but don’t want to lose. This pouch, equipped with RFID protection, allows your cruiser to walk confidently knowing their valuables are safely tucked under their shirt and out of the reach of a pickpocket. We take it on every cruise. 

Card holder wallet – This handy card wallet from Elevate in Kearney, Nebraska, slips right in a pocket. Steve uses one of these to carry his cruise card around the ship along with a few business cards in case we want to exchange contact information with anyone we meet. He loves the way it keeps everything together and organized. Plus, it’s stylish and helps a great cause. 

European plug adapterThis is both a cruise tip AND a great gift idea. On a ship, electrical outlets can be scarce. Often, there is only one plug for U.S. electrical devices, and one for European electrical devices. But if your cruiser has one of these, they can convert the European one into a plug they can use. They’ll want to be careful, though, as the electricity coming from the European plug will be 220v, so they should make sure their appliance can handle that voltage before plugging in. 

Towel clipsAll of the experienced cruisers have these. The cruiser on your holiday shopping list will love using these handy devices to clip their towel to a deck chair so that it doesn’t blow in the wind. And when they step away from the chair for a quick dip or to get a drink, it lets people know that it is occupied. (Please don’t use these to claim a chair and then leave the pool area. No one likes a chair hog.)

Even more gifts for cruisers

You can check out all our gift ideas for cruisers on our Amazon Influencer page. We also have lists for organized packing, road trip essentials, and decorating with travel.

Do you have other ideas for gifts for cruisers? We’d love to hear them. Share your ideas with our followers in the comments section below.


gift ideas for cruisers

  • It's time to pack our bags! We are getting ready for several weeks of travel and will be sharing some of our favorite packing and travel tips in our stories as we prepare. ⁣
In the next few weeks, we'll be traveling north where the temperatures are expected to be below freezing and then to the south where it will be hot and humid. And were hoping to each take just one suitcase. ⁣
Wish us luck, and see how we do it in our Instagram and Facebook stories. And let us know if you have any packing tips and tricks yourself. We'd love to hear from you. ⁣
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  • Like everything Ree Drummond does, the Pioneer Woman Boarding House is over the top in a really good way.⁣
Guests in the appropriately named Emerald Room receive a true luxury experience especially in the bathroom. With a claw foot tub, walk-through shower, two vanities and two toilets, this room is a jewel. ⁣
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  • Strawberry fields forever...⁣
While traveling, we adore stopping in farmers markets and checking out the fresh produce available for sale. When we saw these strawberries in Tallinn, Estonia, we just had to take a picture.⁣
The vibrant color of the berries tells us they were ripened naturally on the vine. You just don't get that color trucked in to a supermarket. And that natural ripening means, of course, that these are some of the sweetest strawberries you'll ever taste. Yum! #postcardjar #midlifetravel #emptynesttravel #goplaces #emptynest #emptynesters #midlife #couplestravel #couplestrip #celebritycruises #cruising #seastheday #cruise #sea #beyondborders #humansatsea #cruiseaddict #cruisecritic #tallinn #lifeisbeautiful #cruiseship #cruiselife #estonia #strawberries #farmersmarket #lifeisshort #visitestonia #adventuregirls #tallinngram #berries
  • On our Baltic Sea cruise, we stopped in Stockholm, Sweden. To get there, we had to sail through the Stockholm Archipelago. ⁣
For days leading up to our arrival in Stockholm, the captain of the ship kept telling us that we should plan to be up early so we could take in the scenery as we passed through the archipelago. After enough repetitions, we resolved to get up early to see what he was so excited about.⁣
We are so glad we set the alarm. That morning, we sat on our balcony and had breakfast watching some of the most beautiful scenery we'd ever seen pass by our cabins. We had an up-close view of land that we've rarely had from a cruise ship unless it was docked. ⁣
Sure, we travel to see specific things. Who doesn't? But we really love it when we find something like this that we didn't know existed, but it is so amazing it enriches our lives and makes us want to go back again and again.
  • In the @visitmasoncityiowa airport, is a new restaurant called CAVU American Kitchen & Cocktail Lounge. Offering chef-crafted foods and incredible cocktails, this restaurant has the best airport food we've ever eaten. In fact, we'll call this airport a destination.⁣
Pictured here is Chef Cassie's fried potato salad. This was her elimination dish from the show, "Master Chef." Apparently, Wolfgang Puck didn't think much of it. After trying it, we don't think much of Wolfgang Puck's taste.⁣
This dish, which is served warm, is composed of crispy fried potato chunks covered in delicious potato salad dressing. The combination of flavors and textures had us going back for more. #postcardjar #midlifetravel #emptynesttravel #goplaces #emptynest #emptynesters #midlife #couplestravel #couplestrip #midwestliving #midwestlivingmag  #midwestmoment #igersmidwest #midwestisbest #masoncity #clearlake @masoncity
  • In Rochester, Minnesota, in the shadow of the famed Mayo Clinic, is a beautiful pedestrian area called the Peace Plaza. Because of its location, it's often the last area a person walks through as they go to the clinic hoping for help. And, it's the first place people pass as they leave the clinic sometimes with good news, other times to confront their own mortality.⁣
The designers of the plaza seemed to understand the huge role the space would play in the lives of the people coming through. They designed it as a calming, meditative space filled with tranquility. It's a place you can refocus a little, and take some time to transition from the clinic to the world. And, it's just one more example of the ways that @minnesotas_rochester demonstrates humanity to the hundreds of thousands of visitors who come each year to the clinic.
  • Are these salt and pepper shakers not the cutest?? Pawhuska, Oklahoma, is a magical place at Christmastime. We stopped by the @pwmercantile this morning and snapped a few new pics. Getting excited for the Holiday Lights Parade tonight!
  • We have four holiday gift guides up on the blog for the traveler, home cook, cruise lover, and road tripper on your shopping list! Just click on the link in our bio to check out our blog. ⁣
One of our all-time favorite items (it made two of our lists) are these @EagleCreek packing items. This starter set goes with us on every single trip. Last year, Steve packed 16 size XXL shirts in on of them. They are super lightweight, safe space in your suitcase, and help you stay organized as your travel. ⁣
What are your favorite gift ideas for travelers this year? ⁣
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