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Worried there won’t be things to do on sea days when you cruise? Well, stop it. Stop it right now. We’ve taken 18 cruises so far, most with Celebrity Cruises. Not only have we never been bored, there’s never been enough time to do everything we’ve wanted. You can see for yourself when you join us on our Postcard Jar Friends Cruise that sets sail May, 2024. Click HERE for more information.

Here are more than 50 things to do on sea days besides eat.

1. Explore the ship

Take some time on a sea day to explore the ship. We would have never found this relaxing and sun-filled spot pictured below had we not gone exploring. There are so many unique spaces on a ship, so go find them!

Find a quiet spot for a book

2. Learn to craft a cocktail

The ship’s bartenders are some of the best you’ll ever see. They often share their craft in mixology classes on sea days. Learn cocktail history (and balanced cocktail recipes) in a mixology class.

Mixology class on celebrity cruises things to do on sea days

3. Enjoy the show

With large production shows featuring great singers, dancers, and even acrobats, catching a sea day show is one of our favorite things to do. You’ll also find solo artists, comedians, and even magicians on board. 

See a show

4. Read a good book

You know that book that’s been sitting on your night stand for more than a year? This is your chance. Take a book to the pool deck, find a quiet corner in a lounge, or sit on your veranda and turn page after page. We especially like this library on the Celebrity Reflection.

Read a book things to do on sea days celebrity reflection library

5. Relax with a massage

Sure, there might be a better way to relax than a massage, but we can’t think what it would be. All ships on which we’ve sailed have had quality spas with experienced staff. So book an appointment early and relax and unwind. 


Things to do on a sea day when cruising

6. Test your knowledge

Is your brain chock-full of useless information? Short trivia contests happen several times a day and cover a variety of themes from general knowledge to music, sports and more. Winners even get prizes!

trivia things to do on sea days cruising

7. Take a tour of the ship

Sign up early for a guided tour and see how the ship works. A ship is an incredible machine that’s like a city that travels around the world on the water. They are fascinating vessels and you get to go behind the scenes to places like the bridge and galley. Ship tours are typically an additional fee. 

Things to do on a sea day behind the scenes tour

8. Order a specialty coffee

Craving a double-shot, half-caf, mocha latte macchiato? Just head down to the coffee shop and get one. 

Things to do on a sea day specialty coffee

9. Cut a rug

If you’ve ever wanted to learn ballroom dancing (or just dancing for fun and fitness) there is a dance class for you. We even learned Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” moves on a ship. Watch the daily activities calendar for opportunities to get a complimentary dance lesson. 

10. Things to do on sea days: Join a slot pull

Head to the casino for some slot machine action. Groups of guests sometimes organize slot pulls where everyone pitches in a set amount of money. Then they take turns spinning the reels and split any winnings. The casino will sponsor slot tournaments, or just play on your own. 

Slot pull things to do on sea days

11. Watch a movie 

Head up on deck and relax in front of the big screen. With popular movies playing daily, this is a great way to catch a favorite film and admission is usually free.

12. Get your steps in

Ships are huge, often more than 1,000 feet long and 130 feet wide. Take a walk on the open deck. Not only will you enjoy a beautiful view, you’ll also get some extra steps in. If you’re feel especially energetic, you could also climb steps between decks.

Walking on a Celebrity Reflection deck Ann Teget of Postcard Jar

13. Shop the boutiques

Cruise ship shops offer genuine, quality products including cosmetics, and jewelry. In addition, they guarantee they’ll match any price you find…and you don’t even have to pay sales tax. Shops are typically closed when you’re in port, so plan your shopping around sea days. We got this anchor necklace for Ann on the Celebrity Summit. 

14. Learn something new

Whether you’re attending a lecture by an on-board naturalist about your next destination, taking a language class, or hearing from the captain about the ship, there are tons of opportunities to learn and grow on board. 

Capt. Kate McCue gives a lecture on Celebrity Cruises Edge

15. Play a game

The ship’s activities team has created versions of favorites like “Let’s Make a Deal” and “The Newlywed Game” with guests invited to be the contestants. They also offer unique activities like indoor archery and extreme mini golf. You’ll also find games like ping pong, shuffleboard, and corn hole on board as well as a game room offering board games.

Indoor archery on the Celebrity Apex Postcard Jar blog

16. Cooking demonstration/class

On sea days, the culinary team steps up with things to do for guests, as well. See how to make a perfect sushi roll, decorate a cake, or even make pasta by hand. 

Cooking class on Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas

17. Things to do on sea days: meet new people

Ships are the perfect place to meet new people–after all, they are everywhere. All you have to do is turn to someone and say hello. Who knows? You might make a life-long friend (we’ve made many).

Things to do on sea days make friends

18. Write out postcards

Pick up some postcards in port and write them out on a sea day. Make sure all your friends and family back home know why they need to cruise with you next time.

19. Take a dip in the pool

Ships have multiple swimming pools perfect for a refreshing dip when it’s hot and sunny. And on cold days, no worries – just relax in the indoor pool. 

Retreat sundeck Celebrity Apex pool Postcard Jar

20. Watch a sunrise or sunset

Few natural phenomena are as beautiful as a sunrise or sunset at sea. With miles of visibility and a clear horizon, it’s a sight to behold. This was our view on Easter morning from the Celebrity Reflection

Sunrise at sea Easter morning things to do on a sea day

21. Admire (and purchase) fine art

Art abounds on cruise ship. Be sure to walk through the galleries to see if anything catches your eye. 

Art Auction things to do on a sea day Postcard Jar

22. Play (or watch) pool volleyball

Head up on deck, form a team, and enter the pool volleyball tournament. A fast-paced, low pressure game ensures fun for everyone. Sometimes, the ship’s officers even jump in and play.

23. Trip the light fantastic

One of our favorite things to do on a sea day is to dance the night away at a silent disco. Everyone wears headphones and chooses one of three music stations. Then, everyone dances to whatever they’re hearing. It’s a blast!

Silent disco on a sea day

24. Wine tasting is a wonderful thing to do on a sea day

With some of the best wine cellars anywhere and sommeliers to guide your choices, ships are a great place to sip wine. Learn about wines and wine history at a tasting or take a class on the art of wine and food pairing.

wine tasting on celebrity cruises

25. Get your photo taken

Ships have photographers out every night snapping photos. Pose for photos throughout the ship and decide later whether you’d like to buy any of them. You can also also set up a time for a portrait session in the studio. 

Ann Steve Teget Celebrity Edge Postcard Jar

26. Try acupuncture

Acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine and many people swear by its positive effects. Give it a try on a sea day.

27. Attend a liquor tasting

Trying a few different types of aged Scotch or Bourbon isn’t something you’d likely do at home. On a ship, though, they have tastings set up so you can experience “the good stuff” for yourself. 

28. Get a facial or shave

Indulge in a little self-care with a facial and revive that inner glow. Men, you aren’t left out, as the spas on ships also offer an incredible hot towel shave that is divine. 

29. Shop duty-free

Is there a certain liquor you really like? Go to the duty-free shop and pick up a bottle or two–tax free! 

30. Things to do on sea days: Soak it all in

Climb into one of the many hot tubs on the pool deck or in the solarium and let the worries of the world wash away. Sit, relax, and unwind. Hot tubs are less busy first thing in the morning and in the evening during dinner times. 

hot tub on celebrity reflection

31. Learn about upcoming ports

Sit in on a talk on upcoming ports of call to help you decide what to do when you go ashore. You’ll learn about the history of these ports (like St. Kitts pictured below) as well as possible excursions and the best shopping. 

St. Kitt's Panoramic view

32. Play cards

Bring a deck of cards and grab some friends. Find a quiet corner and play bridge, pitch, or something else. 

33. Treat yourself to a mani/pedi

The spa offers a variety of nail and foot services–and they aren’t just for the ladies. This is your chance to try a pedicure, men! Steve loves them. 

Things to do on sea days pedi

34. Shoot hoops

Go up to the court on the top deck, and grab a basketball. Then, dribble, pass and shoot to your heart’s content. 

35. Listening to music is a favorite thing to do on sea days

On board, you’ll find talented artists playing a variety of styles of live music all over the ship. From acoustic guitar to string quartets to rock bands, there’s something for every taste.

36. Take a yoga class

Yoga is a perfect way to get some great low-impact exercise while focusing your mind. Take a class in the fitness center and learn more about how to incorporate yoga into your daily routine. Mats are typically provided.

37. Try a new cocktail (or two)

It’s tough to try a new cocktail on land–after all, they’re expensive and what if you don’t like it? With an unlimited beverage package at sea, it’s the perfect place to try a new drink. Order a Negroni, Sazerac, or Sidecar and see what you think.

cocktails on celebrity edge

38. Texas hold ’em

If you’re one who knows when to hold ‘em, (and when to fold ‘em), head to the casino for the daily poker tournaments. With some skill and a little luck, you just might come out on top. 

39. Book a shore excursion

A day at sea is a great chance to plan a day on shore. Head to the shore excursions desk and find the perfect experience for your days in port. We loved our catamaran and snorkeling excursion in St. Thomas.

steve and ann teget wellness travelers

40. Things to do on sea days: Try the Peloton

Wondering if you’d like a Peloton (or other piece of fitness equipment) at your house? Make your way to the fitness center and try it out–with no obligation!

Peloton in the fitness center celebrity reflection

41. Get your hair and makeup did

The spa will pamper you with a variety of services. Whether you want a Brazilian blowout for your hair, or makeup to make your formal night fantastic, they’re happy to help you out. Steve’s mom felt so pampered when she had her hair and makeup done on the Celebrity Summit.

gayle teget on celebrity summit

42. Breathe easier with guided meditation

There may be no better way to center yourself mentally than with a little guided meditation. Often, there is a complimentary class in the morning that helps you start your day off right. 

43. Watch a game

You may be at sea, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss your favorite sports team. Ships do get satellite reception and are happy to show major sporting events at various venues around the ship. We watched along with a group of Brazil fans during the 2018 Soccer World Cup. 

World cup game on big screen of Celebrity Reflection Sports on TV Cruising

44. Sweat it out in the thermal spa

Bask in the steam room, lie back on a heated bench, cool off in the cold room, warm back up in the dry sauna, and breathe deeply in the salt cave. 

Thermal spa

45. Enjoy the view

You’re on a beautiful ship at sea. The clouds above and the waves below provide calming, beautiful scenery. Take a minute (or take hours) and simply enjoy watching the world pass by.

Take in the view

46. Hit the sales

Be sure to watch the shops for sales. Especially near the end of the cruise, there can be some terrific specials on handbags, apparel, and more. 

47. Lift some weights

Looking to add a little movement to your day? Head up to the fitness center and get after it. With weight machines, treadmills, rowing machines, bikes, stair climbers and more, you’re sure to find a way to get moving. You can also sometimes pay for private fitness instruction. Ann is pictured below with one of our favorite fitness instructors, Drazena. 

Workout on a cruise ship Celebrity Edge Postcard Jar Blog things to do on sea days

48. Write thank you notes to crew

The crew are fantastic people who work hard to make sure you have a great vacation. Take a minute and write a thank you note to those who have made your cruise special. Crew members have told us just how much they appreciate these notes and they even keep them over the course of their careers.

Thank you notes for the crew

49. Get your teeth whitened

Do you want to look absolutely radiant? Get your teeth professionally whitened while on board. Inquire in the spa for a consultation or appointment.

50. Try something new

In our opinion, there is no better place to try new things than a cruise ship. It’s all without obligation or judgment. If you don’t like something, just don’t do it again. For instance, we tried a bungee exercise class. It was fun. Once. 

bunge exercise on celebrity edge

51. Reconnect with each other

When you’re out at sea with family or a loved one, something magical happens. You share a series of experiences and build memories together. It really does bring people closer together and help you reconnect.

steve and ann teget on celebrity reflection

52. Sleep in or take a nap – you’re on vacation

Let’s be honest: you’ve got nowhere you really NEED to be when you’re at sea. Relax. Unwind. Sleep in. Take a nap.

things to do on sea days relax

53. Start your day with a stretch

Each morning, one of our favorite things to do is the “morning stretch.” We’ve done this on our own, but also joined a class organized by the fitness center.

Stretching on Celebrity Reflection deck Ann Teget Postcard Jar

54. Play dress up

Each cruise typically has at least one more formal night. On Celebrity Cruises they call it evening chic. We love having the opportunity to get all dressed up in our finest attire and go out for a nice dinner. Formal wear is optional.

Get your photo taken sea day

55. Book your next cruise

After a few days on the ship, if you’re like us you’ll be ready to book your next cruise. Head to the future cruise office and book your next sailing. Experienced cruisers know that you’ll never get a better deal on a future cruise than when you book on board. As for details, when you book on board, your travel agent will get notified about your booking and will take care of the rest.

Book a future cruise on Celebrity Cruises things to do on sea days

56. What do you like to do on sea day?

Now it’s your turn? Let us know in the comments below what you enjoy doing most on sea days (besides eat, of course). 

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