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There are at least 10 bars on the Celebrity Edge – the cruise line’s newest ship. In an effort to provide you with everything you need to know about the watering holes on board before your cruise, we immersed ourselves in extensive research on your behalf. And, we enlisted the help of new friends we met on board the Edge, Jill and Adam Mason.

Friends Jill and Adam

Together, we walked long distances (sometimes as far as 500 feet) across sun-drenched pool decks. We journeyed from deck three to deck 14 occasionally even using the stairs! We climbed on and off bar stool after bar stool, and risked brain freezes as we drank icy cold beverages all over the ship. But the research had to be done. Plus, it was a sea day.

Celebrity Edge Bars Magic Carpet

As we toiled sipped away, we developed a series of criteria to give our reviews at least a hint of scientific objectivity.  We took notes on the venues, menu selections, drinks, and the comfort of the seating at each bar. Here’s how these 10 bars on the Celebrity Edge rated.

Eden Bar

Let’s begin at the end, (well, stern, anyway), of the ship. The Eden Bar is truly among the most beautiful bars we’ve seen on sea or land and is a MUST visit if you’re a lover of well-crafted cocktails served in a unique environment.

Celebrity Edge Bars Eden Bar

Behind the bar is a large wall covered by living plants and herbs which the staff of usually four bartenders uses in crafting the cocktails. The menu is impressive. The pea cocktail pictured below contains Hendrick’s gin, basil soup, Amontillado sherry, lime juice, virgin olive oil, Aquafaba, and is garnished with blanched spring peas.

Celebrity Edge Bars Eden Bar Pea Cocktail

It is worth noting that when we were there, many of the cocktails had an up-charge even beyond the premium beverage package (plus the 18% gratuity). For instance, the Forbidden cocktail, which has simple ingredients like Tito’s vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup and apple butter, had a not-so-simple price of $18. That became $21.24 with the automatic gratuity for one drink. That said, we’ve heard that since our cruise in early 2019, pricing has changed and most drinks are now priced within the premium beverage package. In addition, we found that while the drinks served matched the description in terms of ingredients and preparation, they might not be presented as pictured in the menu.

Drink at Eden bar on Celebrity Edge


Celebrity Edge Bars Eden Bar

The Eden bar offers great live music during the day as well as ginormous windows which give a panoramic view of the wake of the ship. In the evening, the Eden performers come out and you get to take in a one-of-a-kind show that I really can’t even describe. Finally, know that the seating at the bar is just okay. The stools are small and backless, but the bar has a foot rail where you could rest your feet. At the end of the day, this wasn’t our favorite Celebrity Edge bar.

Where it is: Deck 5, aft
What to order: The Pea cocktail
What we liked most: Unique flavors with fresh ingredients and herbs

The Magic Carpet

One of the most anticipated features of the Celebrity Edge was the Magic Carpet. It is the world’s first cantilevered, floating platform that hangs over the side of the ship. It moves up and down the side of the ship like a giant elevator (though no one rides when it moves) and it has different purposes depending on which deck it is on. While on the pool deck, it serves as an extra bar. The views from this engineering feat are unprecedented at sea. It’s pretty cool to be sitting on a platform over the water looking back at the ship. Needless to say, a visit to the Magic Carpet was high on our list of things to do while on board.

Celebrity Edge Magic Carpet side view

We simply loved this bar. Not only was the seating great (and it had foot rails!), we loved the cocktails. In fact, our only complaint was that the hours were inconsistent because the platform might close in order to be moved to other levels to serve other functions.

Celebrity Edge Bars Magic Carpet

Bars on the Celebrity Edge Magic Carpet Bar

In addition, the menu varied based on the deck it was serving, so your favorite drink might not be available, depending on which deck it is stationed. Ann loved the Sunset Daiquiri.

Where it is: Varies. You have to find it, kind of like a huge, poorly hidden Easter egg.
What to order: Sunset Daiquiri
What we liked most: The view

The Prism (pool) Bar

When the Magic Carpet had to leave us, we trudged about 30 steps over to the Prism Bar which permanently serves what might be the hippest, most stylish pool deck at sea. The cocktails here match the classiness of the surrounding resort deck: cool, refreshing, and sophisticated. The only thing that made this bar feel less than first class is that drinks came in plastic glasses–though this makes sense as no one wants broken glass on a pool deck.

Celebrity Edge Bars Prism (pool) Bar

While there were about 20 bar stools at the bar, we grabbed a comfortable seating area made up of a couple of couches facing each other across a table. With delicious drinks, great conversation, and super-comfortable seating, it’s the kind of bar where you just want to move in early and spend the day.

Bars on the Celebrity Edge Prism (pool) Bar

In fact, we considered doing just that but then remembered we were conducting research so had to move on. You know, for science.

Where it is: Deck 14, midship
What to order: The Elderflower Blush
What we liked most: The comfy seating and sun

Sunset Bar

This bar’s location is absolutely prime. Located high up on the stern of the ship with a commanding view of the wake and the world around, it’s one of the more popular bars on the Celebrity Edge.

Sunset from the Celebrity Edge

Celebrity Edge Bars Sunset Bar

Bars on the Celebrity Edge Sunset Bar

Thirteen stools at the bar and plenty of tables nearby make this spot where tons of people can feel welcome and comfortable in a light and fun atmosphere. One note: the seating kind of squeezed me a little, so know that a “fluffy” person may not be too comfortable.

Where it is: Deck 15, aft
What to order: Pickford Punch
What we liked most: The view of the wake

Casino Bar

The next stop (after a nap) on our bar tour research project took us to the casino. Centrally located, this establishment isn’t just for people playing games – though there is video poker in the bar top. We loved the comfy, plentiful seating in this bar–16 stools in all.

Celebrity Edge Bars Casino Bar

Bars on the Celebrity EdgeCasino Bar

In fact, the only criticism we’d offer is that the bartenders didn’t necessarily know how to make some of the drinks we found on the oversized playing cards at the bar that served as a menu. That said, it was a fairly new ship when we were there — our guess is that will change as time goes on.

Where it is: Deck 4, port side, midship
What to order: Pretend to be James Bond and order a martini, shaken, not stirred
What we liked most: Drink menu playing cards (pick a card, any card)

The Club

Looking for a late-night party place? Check out The Club on board the Edge. When we visited at 9:50 p.m., which was a late night for us, the party was just getting started. With tons of comfortable seating, this is a place to settle in or just grab a drink before heading out on the dance floor and enjoying the music.

Celebrity Edge Bars Club Bar Silent Disco 2

The club is also where we had our first encounter with “Silent Disco,” an hour or so long activity in which participants wear headphones and choose one of three channels to listen to that is playing music from one of three DJs. The headphones light up to the corresponding color with the channel so you know which channel someone is listening to. Everyone dances to the music they hear, yet the club is strangely silent.

Where it is: Deck 4, port side, forward
What to order: Purple Rain
What we liked most: Silent disco with our drinks

The biggest of the bars on the Celebrity Edge

The centerpiece bar for any Celebrity ship is the Martini Bar and this is doubly true on board the Edge. Located smack dab in the center of the ship on Deck 3, you’ll find bartenders who craft incredible martinis and cocktails while performing amazing feats like juggling bottles, shakers, and fruit.

Celebrity Edge Bars Martini Bar

The Martini Bar is a high-energy, high-quality cocktail kind of place. On the Edge, they took it to a new level with beautiful lighting and chairs that pull right up to the bar.

Bars on the Celebrity Edge Martini Bar

Celebrity Edge Bars Martini Bar

With all these wonderful features, you should know that it seems to be the most popular of the bars on the Celebrity Edge. So popular, in fact, that it can be hard to get a seat, so go early. Our only disappointment? Celebrity did away with the frosty bar top for the Edge’s Martini Bar.

Where it is: Deck 3, midship
What to order: For a spell binding evening, try the Black Magic Martini
What we liked most: The bartenders here put on quite a show

Cafe Il Bacio

Specialty coffees and teas are the, well, specialty of this locale, but this is the perfect location for a morning eye opener or a late night caffeine fix. We’ll admit that we didn’t spend a ton of time in this location, but we did stop here most days for an iced coffee to help us power into the evening. The cocktail pictured below came from the martini bar, but you can also get similar alcoholic coffee drinks at Cafe II Bacio.

Bars on the Celebrity Edge Espresso Martini

Where it is: Deck 4, starboard side, midship
What to order: Try the Speyside Latte.
What we liked most: The coffee is good and the service quick

Il Secondo Bacio

This coffee shop/bar serves the Oceanview Cafe. A great stop for an espresso or cappuccino, you can also find a libation anytime the buffet is open. This really isn’t a go and hang-out kind of place, but it is one that we used many days while on board whether for a diet coke with lunch or maybe a beer with an afternoon snack.

Celebrity Edge Bars Ocean View Cafe

Where it is: Deck 14, port side, just inside the Oceanview Cafe
What to order: Julio’s Greyhound
What we liked most: Having a Corona Light with Indian food from the buffet

The Retreat Bar: our favorite of the bars on the Celebrity Edge

For this cruise, we booked a suite. On the Celebrity Edge, that means that we had access to an area called The Retreat. If you ask me, this makes booking a suite worth every extra dollar.

I’ll start with the only negative we can think of, which is that there were no foot rails on the stools at the bar-though we’ve heard reports these have been added since our cruise. We got past this really quickly, though. Beyond that, this bar offered everything we wanted, including the most exceptional service anywhere on the ship.

Bars on the Celebrity Edge Adrian at The Retreat Sundeck

Set in a perfect location, The Retreat Bar is outside, next to the Retreat Sundeck’s pool, yet under cover and largely protected from the wind. It offers a beautiful view from the bow (front) of the ship, and has a truly comfortable, almost family-like, atmosphere. We felt at home visiting this bar where they knew our names and tastes after our first visit.

Celebrity Edge Bars Vince at The Retreat Sundeck

Whether we were dressed for dinner or wearing our swimsuits, this was the ideal watering hole. The staff at the bar, Adrian, Igor (who could pour a pop from the palm of his hand), and their leader, Vince, were among the best bartenders we’ve met in the fleet.

In fact, I don’t think there was a cocktail they couldn’t make unless they didn’t have the ingredients on-hand. And if they didn’t have the ingredients, well, somehow they did by the next time we wanted a refill. Needless to say, we can’t wait to go back.

Where it is: The Retreat Sundeck, deck 16 forward
What to order: The Mudslide here is just plain special. Just don’t ask how many calories are in it.
What we liked most: The atmosphere. Just like Cheers — where by then end of seven nights at sea, everybody knows your name.

Have you cruised on this ship? Which was your favorite of the bars on the Celebrity Edge? Let us know – we’d love to hear from you. For more cruise and travel inspiration, follow Postcard Jar on Facebook or Instagram


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