Who doesn’t love a good road trip? One of our greatest pleasures is hopping in the car and just driving somewhere. Whether you’re stuffing a stocking or giving a big gift, this road trip gift guide offers ideas for things that every road tripper will appreciate having along on the journey. You should know that some of the links are affiliate links, and that as Amazon Influencers we earn from qualifying purchases.

gift ideas for road trips

Road trip gift ideas

An inspirational book Give the gift of inspiration! Author, blogger, and podcaster Bill Clevlen, whom we met at a conference in North Dakota this year, has put together a list of “100 Things to Do In America Before You Die” as well as a book that chronicles his travels while “Driving Across America.” These are sure to plant a seed of wanderlust in any road tripper and we wanted it to be front and center on our gift guide for road trippers. 

Corkcicle cupWe bought these cups a couple of years ago, and since then we have taken them almost everywhere we’ve gone. Fill these cups with ice and water in the morning, and they’ll still have ice in the evening. With plenty of capacity, they fit easily into cupholders, are easy to grip and are perfect for any road trip. 

Car trash cans – This might just be the best car trash can ever invented. With little feet that slide out from the bottom to go under a floor mat, this trash can stays put and doesn’t tip over. Plus, it features an elastic band that goes around the can and holds the trash bag in place. 

Registration and insurance card holder Let’s face it, glove compartments typically aren’t the most organized space in a person’s life. But with this handy folder, the glove box can certainly take a step in the right direction. Your road tripper can use this to hold their car’s registration and insurance card and keep both in one convenient location should they ever need to find them in a hurry.

Car vacuumTruth be told, road trips are not wonderful for a car’s interior. Long hours in the car filled with snacks, sandwiches, and the stuff tracked in from attractions visited can leave the inside of a vehicle in less than mint condition. With several attachments and a plug made for cars, this vacuum will have your roadtripper’s vehicle interior back in shape in no time. 

Norwex car cloth – We have fallen in love with Norwex products for our home, and so were thrilled to see that they now offer a car cloth. This cloth will keep a car’s windows, mirrors, and chrome shining bright!

Tire pressure gauge – Ok, we admit this one isn’t the sexiest gift ever, but it is a useful one for someone who’s on the road. Tire pressure is important, and there will definitely come a day when this road trip gift will come in handy.

Even more road trip gift ideas

National Day CalendarThe National Day Calendar provides inspiration to celebrate every day and gives folks great excuses to get out on the road. Of course your road tripper won’t want to miss celebrating National Road Trip Day (the Friday before Memorial Day each year). They’ll also be able to mark National Plan for Vacation Day, National Camping Month, and National Seat Check Saturday.

Yeti CoolerWe can’t consider heading out on the road without bringing along our Yeti cooler. Truly the best cooler we’ve ever owned, it keeps ice for days. This means road trippers can bring perishable foods along on their journeys and save money at mealtime along the way. 

National Parks PassThe United States has 58 National Parks, and each of them is a great destination for a road trip. Give your traveler a National Parks Pass and they can enjoy a year of access not just to these parks, but to roughly 2,000 recreation areas operated by the federal government. 

Road trip gift cards are great

Pilot/Flying J gift card – What better road trip gift is there than a gift card for gas? And with 750 locations in 44 states and six Canadian provinces, this one is sure to come in handy. We love stopping at these stores while on the road because they have everything we need from gas and clean restrooms to corn dogs and cold drinks. Pick up your Pilot/Flying J gift card at any of their locations. 

Subway gift cardOk, so this is one that we’ve recently come to appreciate. We’ve been working on losing weight, and Subway provides a great calorie-controlled meal while we’re on the road. This gift card is a perfect present for any road tripper who is still trying to lose or maintain weight.

Contigo spill-proof travel mugWe have loved these travel mugs that keep our drinks hot and, perhaps more importantly, unspilled. This mug seals up to resist spilling, but has great insulation to keep that morning cup of coffee piping hot. 

Road AtlasIn recent years, folks have really come to rely on their phones and car GPS systems to guide them while on the road. But sometimes on a road trips take folks to areas where the cell coverage isn’t great and the GPS doesn’t work. In these moments, we’re glad that we have a real-live, honest-to-goodness paper atlas along with us. We flip it open and are pointed in the right direction in no time.

Altoids mintsMaybe it’s that we had onions for lunch, or maybe it’s leftover coffee taste, but having some mints in the car is a wonderful thing. These little gems leave our mouths feeling and tasting fresh, and we know when we get out of the car that we won’t be overwhelming the folks we’ve met. This is a perfect stocking stuffer for the road trip enthusiast on your list.

Car scentAfter any extended trip, a car begins to develop a certain scent on the inside. These little gems fight that smell and make the inside of a road tripper’s car smell fresh and clean. And let’s face it, this gift makes every road trip a little more pleasant. 

What gift ideas do you have for road trippers? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to share your ideas!

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gift ideas for road trips

  • The Rooftop Garden is a unique space on the top deck of the @celebrityedge. There’s no water slide on this ship, no go-carts, and the’s no rock wall for climbing. Instead the Rooftop Garden provides a “living urban playscape inspired by childhood playgrounds and designed to waken the inner child in all of us,” according to the Celebrity Cruises website. There are live plants, comfortable outdoor seating, and unique art installations that set the space apart from anything else at sea. @cruisecelebrity
  • Blu is a restaurant on the Celebrity Edge that is dedicated to guests in Aqua Class.  It serves “clean, crisp flavors and inventive cuisine” in a gorgeous blue venue. To give you an example of the types of entrees served, for dinner tonight Blu is offering seared duck breast with wilted chard, farro risotto, and black cherry jus; a cracked pepper corn-crusted tuna salad, watercress, and dijon vinaigrette; and pumpkin gnocchi with sautéed arugula, sundries tomatoes, marinated artichokes, goat cheese and basil pesto. What would you order?
  • Yes, cruise ships are huge, but if you do a little exploring, you’ll find that the designers have included many small spots perfect for intimate conversation and watching the world go by. We found this nook in Eden, on deck 5 of the Celebrity Edge, near the stern.
  • Last Sunday we began the second half of our very first back-to-back cruise on the Celebrity Edge. We’ve had the best cruise vacation and have enjoyed every single minute of our vacation. The Edge  been an ideal place to relax, recharge, and prepare for a new year. We’ve also used this time to try new things and focus on a healthy lifestyle. Thank you all for coming along on our journey and sharing your sweet comments with us along the way. We are grateful for each of you.
  • We just love these guys!! These two characters were the bartenders on the Retreat Sundeck for our cruise aboard the Celebrity Edge. Johannes and Vince created a light, fun atmosphere and made you want to go to the pool every day. Their personalities helped make the Retreat a welcoming place with professional service. We shouldn’t be surprised, though. We found similar cheerfulness in crew around every corner of the Edge, under the command of @captainkatemccue.
  • A refreshing drink...⁣
Something we've done this cruise is work to find drinks we could enjoy by the pool that didn't have lots of calories from alcohol or sugar. Thankfully, @celebritycruises has some pretty great bartenders willing to help us out. ⁣
To make this drink, Vince, our Retreat bartender, first muddled some lemons and limes in the bottom of a shaker. He then poured a little fresh lime juice over it, added a couple of mint leaves, and then ice. Finally, he shook the mixture, then poured it into a glass before adding diet Sprite to the top. ⁣
What we got was a delicious, refreshing drink that really satisfied on a warm day by the pool. The best part is that it only had a few calories from the lime juice.⁣
We think we'll have another.⁣
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  • Isn’t she beautiful? The @celebrityedge is like no other ship at sea. Her striking bow is distinct and efficient. Plus, we think it just looks cool. We took this rare nighttime photo from the pier in San Juan, Puerto Rico after docking near sunset giving us a completely different view of the same alluring ship. @captainkatemccue and her team have given us a glorious week at sea that we will never forget.
  • Sailing into and docking in San Juan, Puerto Rico tonight on the @celebritycruises @celebrityedge took our breath away. You can watch a live video on our Facebook page @postcardjar.

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