Don’t you hate it when you return from a great vacation and find that your liquids and gels have leaked through supposed “leak proof” containers? We’ve tried lots of different travel bottles and tubes and some work better than others. But the guaranteed way to prevent spills is a little tip we learned from our daughter, Meghan.

After filling a bottle with a liquid or gel (shampoo, lotion, contact solution, vodka, or whatever) place a small piece of plastic wrap over the top and then replace the lid. For the return trip, you can wash and reuse your original plastic wrap, pack extra pieces, or, if the hotel has a complimentary shower cap, just tear off a piece of the cap to secure your bottles. Works great and prevents having to wash a sink full of sticky bottles when you get home.

How do you prevent leaks and spills when you travel? Please leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you.