One of the most frustrating things that has happened to me is arriving at a hotel after a long day’s journey only to find that I forgot some essential toiletry item at home. Sure, I could run to the store, but it’s late, and cold, and I don’t really know where the store is, and I can’t believe I was so dumb, and, and, and..

I found a simple solution to this problem. Instead of gathering all of the toiletries I use every day right before I leave, I now keep an identical toiletry bag for travel packed at all times with everything I need. Let’s face it:  a lot of what you take are travel-sized containers that you don’t use at home, anyway, so just leave them packed and ready. That way, when it’s time to prepare for your next trip, just grab the bag and off you go.

And ladies: Ann keeps a make-up bag stocked with much of the same stuff she uses every day at home which prevents her from having a meltdown in the morning when, heaven forbid, she might have to leave the hotel without mascara. Personally, I tell her all the time that she doesn’t need any makeup at all.

I’ve kept a travel toiletry bag for years, and, as a man of strict routines, I’m happy to report that I’ve always been able to shower, shave, and style my hair the same way every day no matter where I am.  That, my friends, is a win in my book.