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Need some ideas for romantic travel experiences and destinations? Whether you’re planning a couples weekend getaway or searching for a place to celebrate an anniversary, this post is sure to ignite your imagination and the romance.

Here are a few of the most romantic travel destinations and experiences we’ve had in our first 10 years of marriage. 

Opera in the Kitchen in Tuscany

Nestled in the hills of Tuscany, you’ll find Opera in the Kitchen. It is truly one of the most incredible romantic travel experiences we’ve ever had. The memories of that unforgettable meal will last a lifetime. Chef, sommelier, and owner, Lucrezia, took us on a culinary adventure that began in her garden where we helped pick fresh vegetables for our dinner.

Opera in the Kitchen

Next, she invited us into her home kitchen where she taught us two ways to make homemade pasta. Then, as the pasta dried, we developed delicious sauces, and a strawberry tiramisu we’d later have for dessert.

Opera in the Kitchen appetizer

While Lucrezia put the final touches on our meal, we relaxed outside with a glass of chilled sparkling Prosecco and an appetizer. As the sun set over the Tuscan hills, we took in the picturesque skies, warm breeze, and scent of blooming flowers. 

tuscany at sunset
Several courses slowly served to us allowed us to savor the flavors of olive oil, fresh herbs, and freshly made pastas.

ravioli in italy

Just as dessert was served, two musicians appeared on the patio. One played the violin while the other serenaded us with beautiful opera music.


The food, the wine, the music, the sunset! It was all too much. Overcome with emotion, tears rolled down Ann’s cheeks. It was perfect romantic evening in Tuscany. We’ve replayed that incredible travel experience in our minds over and over again. 

Want to experience Opera in the Kitchen yourself? Our friends at KM Zero Tours or Italy Unfiltered can help you find the way.  

Pioneer Woman Boarding House

A stay at the Pioneer Woman Boarding House in Pawhuska, Okla., is romantic no matter when you stay there. With oversized showers, beautiful beds, and soft touches throughout, the Pioneer Woman Boarding House is always a treat. But Ree Drummond and her team really went over and above when we stayed there on Valentine’s Day a couple of years ago.

Our over-the-top romantic travel experience began the moment we checked in. We found fresh flowers, sparkling wine and a charcuterie board–complete with real and prosciutto roses–waiting for us. 

valentines day at pioneer woman boarding house

Later, it was time for a romantic private dinner, and Ree’s chef and wait staff pulled out all the stops. We savored every bite of a gourmet seven-course dinner that included duck, lobster, and wagyu steak. The meal finished with a delicious dessert and delicate petifores. 


Then, when we got back to our room, we found that the turn down service included not just the usual freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, but also rose petals to complete the romantic atmosphere. 

boarding house on valentines day

A romantic travel experience in Bath, England

Perhaps no place in the world provides a romantic travel experience like Bath, England. After all, they have a LOT of practice with it. Nearly 2,000 years ago, in 60 AD, the Romans built baths and a temple to take advantage of the natural hot springs there. 

roman baths in england

Throughout the course of its long history, the waters in Bath have played a central role. As far as romance? Well, this city was home and inspiration to Pride and Prejudice author Jane Austen. It has beautiful architecture that we admired as we walked hand in hand down the flower adorned streets. 

bath england

It’s also a World Heritage Site and offers visitors the chance to see and experience some beautiful, historic architecture like the Bath Abbey.

When we visited, we stayed in the heart of the city at a beautiful hotel and spa called the Gainsborough Bath Spa. There, we enjoyed absolute luxury and pampering from the gorgeous accommodations to the incredible thermal spa.

thermal spa in bath

The spa offered us a journey through multiple sensory experiences. Together, we went through steam baths, ice baths, saunas, and therapeutic pools. We submitted ourselves to complete relaxation as well as a side-by-side couple’s massage.

And at the end, we sipped a rich chocolatey drink and were told the recipe for this romantic indulgence dates to the 1600’s. 

chocolate in bath

The Raphael Hotel in Kansas City

Steps from the trendy Country Club Plaza shopping district in Kansas City, Missouri, sits the grand Raphael Hotel. The professional and courteous staff there make sure that you and your special someone one have a relaxing, romantic, and memorable visit.

statue outside Raphael Hotel Kansas City

When you step through the front door and into the lobby of this Kansas City landmark hotel (listed on the National Register of Historic Places) you know you’re in a special place. Originally built as luxury apartments, the appointments throughout drip class and luxury. It’s exactly the kind of place you take someone when you want to feel pampered and spoiled. 

Luxurious bedding at Raphael Hotel Kansas City
Rooms are well designed, and the hotel offers a number of services to make sure you have a relaxing, romantic travel experience. We even arranged to have an in-room massage one morning. We loved the shared experience of a side-by-side massage right in the comfort of our own room.

massage at Raphael Hotel Kansas City

But what’s a romantic getaway without a classic cocktail and quiet dinner? The hotel’s restaurant, Chaz on the Plaza, is by far one of the best hotel restaurants in which we’ve ever dined and they have a spectacular bar and wine menu. 

Chazberry Cocktail

With an innovative chef and efficient staff, Chaz offers the perfect atmosphere for dinner for two. Dinner was paced just right with plenty of time to enjoy each other as well as the delicious dishes made with fresh local ingredients.

Salad and smoked shrimp cocktail at Chaz on the Plaza at Raphael Hotel Kansas City

And in the morning? Be sure to order breakfast in bed for you and your sweetheart. 


There is perhaps no better way to spend a morning than lounging in the cozy Raphael Hotel bathrobes and enjoying a delicious gourmet breakfast for two. We highly recommend the Kansas City brisket and eggs. 

KC Brisket and Eggs in room from Chaz on the Plaza at Raphael Hotel Kansas City

Book your stay at The Raphael Hotel HERE.

Tabacón Hot Springs offers many romantic travel experiences

When we got married, I told Ann that I wanted to plan the honeymoon. I wanted to take her to one of the most romantic places I’d ever been in Costa Rica: Tabacón Hot Springs

tabacon hot springs

Located at the foot of Arenal Volcano near La Fortuna, the Tabacón resort has a naturally heated river running through it. We loved lounging in pools formed in the river, and basking in warm water pouring over small waterfalls. We spent the afternoon relaxing in comfortable loungers listening to the babbling stream running by us. It was truly a place we could leave the cares of the world behind and just focus on each other. 

Under tabacon

The hotel also offers a world-class spa, so we booked a couple’s massage. At the appointed time, our two massage therapists escorted us through the jungle to a small hut where we enjoyed a relaxing hour-long side-by-side massage. Next, they led us to a small clearing where we sat in a private hot tub, surrounded by gorgeous plantings and the sounds of birds chirping and water flowing past. They even had a bottle of champagne for us.


romantic travel experiences pin


For dinner that night, we strolled hand-in-hand down a jungle path to a small gazebo where our own chef and waiter greeted us. They worked to serve us a perfect meal so we could simply enjoy each other.

dinner in jungle

Finally, back in our room, a trail of rose petals leading to a hot, freshly drawn bath greeted us. It was the perfect way to end a wonderfully relaxing, romantic day. 

Hilton Hotel and Pittsburgh Blue in Rochester, Minn.

When most people think of Rochester, Minnesota, they think of the Mayo Clinic. Not us. While it’s true that healthcare first brought us there, Rochester has become a special place for us. It is, after all, the city we’ve visited most in our travels together so it seemed a natural fit as the place to celebrate our 10th anniversary. We booked a room at the new, luxurious Hilton Hotel.  

hilton hotel rochester

I had called ahead and was able to secure a complimentary upgrade to a two-room suite. Then, I spoke to the concierge who helped me arrange a couple of surprises for Ann. When we walked in the door, a large bouquet of flowers waited for her — calla lillies and hydrangea — the same flowers we had at our wedding.

petifores at hilton hotel rochester

Speaking of flowers, we found that the concierge had also arranged rose petals on the bed in the shape of a heart along with some petit fours. It was a lovely gesture and it helped create the romantic atmosphere we wanted for our special celebration.

Then, came the knock at the door. The concierge was back with my final surprise: a beautiful charcuterie board. I pulled out a bottle of wine I’d brought from home, and we enjoyed a quiet relaxing afternoon in our room.  

charcuterie tray at hilton hotel rochester

But the day wasn’t over yet. For dinner, we dined in the hotel’s restaurant, Pittsburgh Blue. We sat in a back corner in the privacy of our large comfortable booth allowing us to focus on each other.

sea bass at pittsburgh blue

Our meal was phenomenal, and it ended with a brownie so large we couldn’t finish it together. It was the perfect end to a perfect day in Rochester. 

Our romantic travel experience bucket list: 

Of course we haven’t been everywhere, yet, and we suspect the world is full of other places that offer romantic travel experiences. Our romantic destinations bucket list includes Hawaii, Paris, France, Sri Lanka, New England in the fall, New Zealand, and more time in Italy. 

Where have you enjoyed romantic travel experiences? What places are on your bucket list? Please let us know in the comments below. 

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