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Yesterday was one of those awesome fall days in Nebraska that is just right for a little hike on the prairie. The sun was shining, it was 80 degrees, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. It would have been a perfect day for college football here. Sadly, our beloved Nebraska Cornhuskers aren’t opening their season until later this month.

Steve Ann Teget at Spring Creek Prairie

There was plenty of house and yard work to do on this beautiful day, but we decided it could wait. Instead, we filled our water bottles and headed out to the Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center near our home in Crete, Neb.

dried goldenrod at spring creek prairie

Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center

We have driven by this place hundreds of times but had never stopped to explore the prairie, wetlands, and wildlife it preserves.

wetlands at spring creek prairie

It was time. The Spring Creek Prairie has several cut grass trails that are open to the public (at not charge) from sunrise to sunset. We just started down a trail and wandered and explored for more than an hour.

dried flowers at spring creek prairie


visit spring creek prairie

We saw milkweed pods bursting with their silky seeds. And we found Nebraska’s native goldenrod, as well as lots of different prairie grasses and flowers we’ve yet to identify.

milkweed seeds bursting from pods

cat tails at spring creek prairie

Trails at Spring Creek Prairie

Spring Creek Prairie has nicely manicured walking trails that take you right into the middle of prairie. There are a few benches and large boulders for sitting if you need a rest.

trails at spring creek prairie

ann Teget spring creek prairie

And the views? Let me just tell you that after a week listening to political attacks, saddening news on the pandemic, and general division and chaos, this view was just what we needed.

Spring Creek Prairie Denton Neb.

We stood at the top of a hill gazing at the prairie grasses blowing in the wind. The only things we heard were chirping insects, a few birds, and the grasses and trees blowing in the wind. It was glorious.

Stopping at this prairie near our home for hike was a good reminder that you don’t always have to go far to find a new adventure.

Do you have someplace near your home you’ve been wanting to explore? Give it a try, and let us know what you find.

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