Postcard jar. That’s right. Here’s the story.

A few years ago, I read a home  decorating blog post from Young House Love about saving postcards from places you visit and displaying them in a glass vase. I loved the idea and from that point on in May of 2011, whenever we traveled together we’d send a postcard back home. We’d write a few notes (to ourselves) about what we saw, what we ate, and what we liked most about the place we’d visited.

Ironically, the first postcard we sent home was from Mt. Vernon, the home of our first U.S. President, George Washington. We jotted down highlights from our visit on the postcard, including the view from the rocking chairs on the back porch overlooking the Potomac River and the Maryland shore.

The first postcard we sent home -- From Mt. Vernon.

The first postcard we sent home — From Mt. Vernon.

After we got married, I bought a big jar to display the postcards and in the past three years, we’ve added more than 40 postcards to our jar which adorns a table in the entryway of our home. Our postcard jar is a constant reminder of where we’ve been and the things we’ve experienced together and we couldn’t think of a more fitting name for our blog.

(Photo by Jeff Cloud)