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Brewhalla in Fargo opened in summer 2023 and it’s the perfect crash pad for craft beer lovers. In this post, we’re sharing what you can expect when you stay at the Brewhalla Hotel, which is connected to Drekker Brewing Co. in Fargo, North Dakota.

NOTE: Our stay at the Brewhalla Hotel was complimentary and part of a trip sponsored by North Dakota Tourism. As always, the views and opinions expressed are our own.


Places to stay in Fargo, Brewhalla Hotel

The Brewhalla Hotel is attached to a brewery

Attached to Drekker Brewing Company, Brewhalla Hotel offers easy, indoor access to several bars and the magical market space that is Brewhalla. With restaurants, shops and live entertainment, a night here is definitely one to remember. Admittedly, they do things differently than most chain hotels, so your experience is always a unique one.

Drekker Brewing Co in Fargo North Dakota

When you arrive at the Brewhalla Hotel

When you arrive at the Brewhalla Hotel, you’ll pull into a huge parking lot that serves both hotel guests and regular patrons of Brewhalla. With no reserved hotel spaces, you’ll want to check in early to secure a good parking place close to the door. As there are no luggage carts (remember, they do things differently here), you’ll carry your bags from wherever you park. 

Parking lot at Brewhalla Hotel

Check in is at the bar

When you go inside, make your way to the bar on the first floor which serves as both a check-in desk and a place to try one of about 20 beers on tap. There, you’ll get a code to access the elevator as well as your room. The bar is staffed between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. each day. Should you arrive outside of that time, you can check-in and receive your code number online. 

Enjoying a welcome drink at the Brewhalla, Fargo bar

The Brewhalla Hotel is an ideal crash pad. So, at the front desk bar you’ll also receive a complimentary beer to sample at check-in. See? Different can be good. 

Drekker Brewing beer Brewhalla

The rooms at Brewhalla Hotel

Each room at Brewhalla is themed after one of Drekker Brewing Company’s beers. We stayed in the corner suite “Mind Bullets” room with decor based on the label of the sour IPA. We loved the mural wall and enjoyed snapping photos and selfies in front it. 

brewhalla hotel room

The room was very clean and comfortable. Polished concrete floors throughout, metal tables, and exposed ductwork in the ceiling added to the industrial vibe. Pricing varies from room to room, so check the Brewhalla Hotel website for rates. 

Brewhalla Hotel rooms have beer fridges

The room offered a large living area, dining space, and a full kitchen complete with a fridge to hold all your Drekker Brewing Co. beer. Click on the video link below to see a complete room tour.

Our corner suite also had roomy bedroom with king-sized bed, room-darkening shades, and walk-in closet. Truly, it was more like an apartment than a hotel room and was definitely the nicest “crash pad” we’ve ever seen.

Bedroom in Brewhalla hotel

TRAVEL WELL TIP: Bring a pair of slippers. While the smooth concrete floor gave a really cool aesthetic, it was also cool on our feet.

The bathroom at Brewhalla Hotel

The spacious bathroom at the Brewhalla Hotel had a gorgeous walk-in shower with floor-to-ceiling subway tile. It’s the kind of bathroom you dream of having at home.

walk in shower at brewhalla hotel

TRAVEL WELL TIP: When you go, be sure to grab some eucalyptus shower tablets from Red River Refinery in the market downstairs to achieve complete relaxation.

Is it noisy at Brewhalla Hotel?

Being upstairs from a brew hall(a), you might wonder if you’ll be able to get to sleep or if it will be too noisy. We were there on a busy Friday night with loud music and lots of people.

roving band at brewhalla

If ever there was a night to be kept awake by noise downstairs, it was this night. But in our room with the door closed we could hear nothing from inside the building. 

brewhalla fargo market

That said, Brewhalla is near some train tracks and trains did pass by occasionally. While the trains weren’t too loud, the hotel did provide earplugs near the bed in case we wanted them. We got a great night’s sleep there.

What is Brewhalla, anyway?

Brewhalla is a wonderland of Drekker Brewing Co beer, delicious food, unique shopping, pinball, entertainment, and more. Honestly, it’s not easy to describe. You just have to go there and see for yourself.

plant store at brewhalla

There are local shops throughout the market that sell everything from plants and soaps to unique Fargo cards and gifts, as well as dog biscuits. Seriously, you have to see it with your own eyes.

Unglued at Brewhalla

You’ll also find a variety of food options.

pizza at brewhalla fargo

After you check in to the hotel, you can go downstairs and try some wood-fired pizza, oysters, charcuterie, bao buns, or even gelato from Cows & Co Creamery.

brewhalla oyster bar

Mornings at Brewhalla

When you wake up in the morning, the cavernous building is decidedly quiet. But the folks at Thunder Coffee are already there. They provide coffee near the rooms in a hotel lounge area for you to kick-start your morning.

Thunder Coffee in Brewhalla

When you feel a little hungrier, take the elevator to the Thunder Coffee shop downstairs and pick up a brekkie sandwich and cold fashioned (cold-pressed coffee mocktail).

thunder coffee breakie

Brewhalla is a memorable destination by itself, so staying at the hotel puts you in the center of the action. Best of all, you know you’re not driving anything other than an elevator, so you can relax and enjoy yourself while there. 

photos from brewhalla

Have you been to Brewhalla? What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below.

Special thanks to Brewhalla Hotel for hosting us and to North Dakota Tourism for including Brewhalla on our legendary North Dakota road trip itinerary. Plan you vacation to North Dakota today and get your complimentary North Dakota Travel Guide HERE! 

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