Let me just tell you about our weekend. 

After a busy Halloween week filled with college ministry, cooking, trick-or-treaters, doctor’s appointments, and blogging, we finished a loooooooong post about 70+ things to do in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, on Thursday, posted it, and headed to Lincoln for a night out with friends and family.

We had a fantastic Italian dinner at Vincenzo’s in Lincoln before walking a few blocks to the Lied Center for Performing Arts to see singer Kristin Chenoweth.

An intimate evening with Kristin Chenoweth

An intimate evening with Kristin Chenoweth

To be honest, I didn’t know much about this Broadway singer and Oklahoma native before that night. But let me tell you, having heard her sing softly with tears in her eyes and then crack a joke and belt out another show tune, I’m a big fan, now.

An Emmy and Tony Award-winning actress and singer, Kristin Chenoweth dazzled the audience with songs like Moon River, Upon This Rock, and For Good, while telling stories and sharing her experiences between each one.

It was a magical night. We got home late but decided to answer a few emails and Facebook messages before going to bed. As we worked, we noticed that our website was not loading correctly and we weren’t able to access the WordPress dashboard that allows us to edit our website.

So, just before midnight, we sat in our home office in our robes, on the phone with our website host company trying to troubleshoot the issue. After several minutes of the most annoying on-hold elevator music EVER, someone came on and asked if we’d had an excessive amount of traffic on our site today.

Still up at 1 a.m. working in our home office.

Still up at 1 a.m. working in our home office.

Just as I was telling the customer service representative that we may have had a bit more traffic than usual, Steve noticed that our post about Pawhuska had been shared on The Pioneer Woman Mercantile Facebook page. Apparently a whole bunch of The Mercantile’s 331,510 followers tried to read our blog post. ALL. AT. THE. SAME. TIME.

The Pioneer Woman Mercantile Facebook page

The Pioneer Woman Mercantile shared our post on its Facebook page and the response was overwhelming.

And they “liked” it. And they “shared” it. And they “commented” on it. So, apparently, our website host company has something called a query limit (who knew) that was exceeded and to put it in laymen’s terms, crashed our site. 

I didn’t know whether to cheer or cry. In one moment, we were high-fiving each other that The Pioneer Woman Mercantile shared our post, and we were elated that so many people wanted to read, like, and share it. Then, in the next moment, we were on the verge of tears, realizing that few of the people who wanted to could actually see it.

Let’s just say all of this made for a very short night’s sleep. We were back on the phone with tech support early the next morning with calls, emails, and chats continuing throughout the day.

Bottom line: Our little travel blog was having growing pains and we realized we needed to make some changes to keep up.

I won’t bore you with lengthy explanations of words and acronyms like propagation, bare domain, DNS and CNAME or the conversations we had learning about them. Just know that we have a new Nebraska-based website host (thanks, Flywheel), our own virtual private server, and we can accommodate lots more site visitors now. Yay!

If you got an error message over the weekend or noticed latency in our site, we’re sorry for that. Thank you all for your patience and understanding and for sticking with us as we try to figure out the blogging world one tech call at a time. 

  • There is nothing quite like preparing a perfect dish in your own kitchen. Courtesy of @thechefandthedish, Ann prepared a traditional Spanish paella with Cyndi Kane, a.k.a. Ree Drummond's BFF Hyacinth. Sure, learning to make the dish was fun. Savoring the meal, and the friendship that went with it, was the best part of that great afternoon.
  • In the chilly, pre-dawn light of an early spring day on the Platte River in central Nebraska you can be sure of one thing: soon you'll witness one of nature's greatest spectacles, tens of thousands of Sandhill Cranes taking to the air for a day of foraging for food. If you have never witnessed this incredible sight, you must make sure you @visitnebraska so you can experience this for yourself. @visitKearney
  • A good cocktail is an experience. Instead of just having a drink to throw back, we love savoring a well-crafted beverage. Something we love about @celebritycruise is that good cocktails are easy to find. We aren't huge drinkers. Instead, we are strong believers in quality over quantity.
  • Something that always impresses us is the sheer size of a cruise ship. The fact that something that large can move and float and provide great service never ceases to amaze. But one of our favorite views is when we're docked next to another ship, and walking down a pier suddenly feels like walking through a canyon.
  • Here's a bridal shower idea...we put bottles of flavored water, juices, and sparkling wine from @wholefoods and @traderjoes in a large drink bucket with ice. We then served the drinks in stemless flutes with a cute, colorful straw.
  • We've been to many different farms in our lives, but never to one quite like this. Our cruise ship excursion in Grand Cayman took us to an actual turtle farm. We had so much fun walking the grounds, looking at the various turtles and learning all about them. Have you ever been to a turtle farm?
  • We just love tea time on @celebritycruises. Every day there are new, delicious treats. Take this delectable morsel, for instance. One bite of pure deliciousness!
  • Who remembers begging your parents to buy you a bag of these when you were a kid? Well, at the Archway Monument in @visitkearney, you can buy them for yourself! We just love these smooth, colored rocks and all the great family travel memories seeing them brings back.

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