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The Pioneer Woman lodge tours are a must-do when you visit Pawhuska, Okla. Ree Drummond and her husband, Ladd, generously open up their Oklahoma lodge on Drummond Ranch to visitors. You can drive 18 miles into the country to tour the lodge, which serves as a guest house for the Drummonds and the main production location for the filming of Ree’s popular TV show, “The Pioneer Woman.”

Here are 12 tips for The Pioneer Woman lodge tours on Drummond Ranch. For tips for your visit to The Mercantile, CLICK HERE. 

1. Check the website for open dates

To see which dates The Pioneer Woman lodge is open for tours, simply check The Pioneer Woman Mercantile website HERE. The dates are usually posted several weeks (if not months) in advance. There’s also always a chance they could add more, so be sure to check back often. 

pioneer woman lodge tours site

If the lodge is closed to tours, there’s a good chance it’s because they are filming Ree’s show (which also means you might see her around town). If The lodge is not open on the dates you can come, don’t fret! There are plenty of other things to do in Pawhuska and Osage County when you visit The Pioneer Woman Mercantile.

2. Pick up tickets at The Pioneer Woman Mercantile

Admission to the lodge is complimentary (thank you, Ladd and Ree) but tickets are required. Visitors must go to The Merc (532 Kihekah Ave, Pawhuska, Okla.) the day of their lodge tour to get a ticket with directions to the Drummond lodge. An unlimited number of tickets are available at the check out counters or the gift wrapping station – just ask one of the hospitable staff there for a ticket. While there is no admission cost, tickets are only good for that day’s date and are not available in advance.

Pioneer Woman Mercantile Sign

The Pioneer Woman Mercantile website says the the lodge will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the open dates, but it’s best to check with the staff at The Merc before you drive out to the lodge.


tour info for The Pioneer Woman lodge

3. Don’t be afraid to drive on gravel

If you want to visit The Pioneer Woman lodge, you should know that you’ll have to traverse a few miles of gravel roads. That shouldn’t stop you though. 

Lodge at Ree Drummond's Ranch road

You will want to exercise some caution. You can’t go the same speed you would on a highway, so slow down a bit. That said, it is just fine to drive faster than 25 mph. It’s a beautiful drive out to the lodge. See if you can spot the wild horses which often graze along the road. And if your car gets a little dusty? Well, there’s a great car wash back in Pawhuska.

A word of caution when visiting the lodge

While we’re on the topic of driving, please don’t slam on your brakes when you see the Drummond Ranch sign. There’s no law against stopping for a photo there, but we don’t recommend it. The highway can have lots of traffic, and the speed limit there is 65 mph. If you stop, you may create an unsafe situation for yourself and others. There are plenty of photos on-line to help you remember what you saw as you drove past. Here’s one of them:

Drummond Ranch Sign

4. Accessibility at The Pioneer Woman lodge

Tours are self-guided and the lodge does have ramps that can be used to access the single-level house. Note that visitors park in a gravel lot and must cross a small grassy area to access the lodge. There are a few places with larger rocks, but they can be avoided.

lodge on Drummond ranch accessibility

A ramp on the east side of the house goes up to the spacious deck. There is a small lip on the ramp (pictured below) and another lip on the sliding glass doorway that leads into the house.

ramp at drummond lodge

Inside The Pioneer Woman lodge

Once inside, the wood, tile, and cement floors are smooth throughout with the exception of just a few area rugs. The lodge has wide hallways and lots of space between seating areas and furniture.

living room at pioneer woman lodge

There is a gender-neutral bathroom available for public use inside. We’ll check out the accessibility of the bathroom the next time we visit.

5. Meet the staff at The Pioneer Woman lodge

There are several folks who meet and greet visitors at the lodge on Drummond Ranch. One of the regulars is our friend, Bill Sweeden.

Lodge at Ree Drummond's Ranch Bill Sweeden

Bill will be more than happy to answer your questions, show you around, and tell you all kinds of stories about life on Drummond Ranch. He’s usually wearing a cowboy hat and a badge, so he’s easy to spot. Ask Bill to show you around the enormous kitchen and maybe he’ll even point out what we like to call the “measuring cup heaven” drawer. 

cookbook at the pioneer woman lodge

6. Don’t miss the pantry behind the kitchen

One of our very favorite parts of The Lodge at Drummond Ranch is the walk-in pantry behind the kitchen. I know jealousy is a sin, but I can’t seem to help myself from having pantry envy every time I walk into this one.

pantry at pioneer woman lodge 2022

It is a huge, well-organized space with lots of natural light from the skylights above. It even has a rolling library ladder for reaching the top shelves. We missed this pantry the first time we visited; we included it here so you don’t. 

ladder in pantry pioneer woman lodge


7. Look around for new Pioneer Woman products

When we stopped by the lodge once, Bill pointed out a few new Pioneer Woman products that had just arrived, including a new teal Kitchen Aid mixer and a floral trashcan. He said both items were garnering lots of attention from Pioneer Woman product collectors and they debuted at the lodge. Check out the beautiful glassware in the bar area, as well.

Lodge at Ree Drummond's Ranch mixer

bar area at drummond lodge


In the bedrooms, you also might see some of Ree’s newest fashions from her clothing line. Be sure to check out the open closets and racks to see new colors and styles. Then, when you go back into Pawhuska, stop by The Pioneer Woman Collection store downtown to purchase one of the brightly colored tops for yourself.

8. It’s OK to play kitchen

If you have made the trek out to The Lodge, we think it’s safe to say that you probably enjoy cooking and watching “The Pioneer Woman” on television. The folks at The Lodge have left a couple of pieces of cookware on the stove and counter where you’ve seen Ree cook so many of her delicious dishes.

Things to do in Pawhuska visit the Drummond Lodge


So while you’re there, pick up a spoon and pretend to mix up Ree’s Knock You Naked Brownies in the mixing bowl. You know you want to and we promise no one will laugh at you. Indeed, they’ll be in line waiting their turn. When we’ve visited, Ann loves nothing more than to stand across the counter and take pictures of people like these. Somehow, she even gets the husbands to smile. 

Lodge at Ree Drummond's Ranch Family in kitchen

9. Find for the wine glass above the mantel

Tour guide Bill also shared with us a little history of the lodge. In the stones above the fireplace, you can make out the shape of a wineglass. This is because that was the livestock brand of the family who originally built the building. See if you can spot it when you visit.

10. Don’t be scared of the snakes

If you’ve watched Ree’s show on TV, you know that Ladd occasionally hides a fake snake to scare her. On one trip, we found this realistic pretend snake waiting to scare us–so be on the lookout.

Lodge at Ree Drummond's Ranch snake in freezer

Pro-tip: If the snake is moving, it isn’t fake. Back away slowly.

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11. Ooh and ahh over the kitchen ware

Are you a fan of Ree’s dish ware? In the back section of the lodge, there is a room with shelves and shelves (and shelves) of her products. Take some time and admire her beautiful collection. We think you’ll really enjoy it.

bowls at pioneer woman lodge

Pioneer woman collection plates

And don’t forget the beautiful bedrooms

There are four guest rooms at the Drummond lodge, so be sure to take a look at each one. They are all just a little bit different and have unique furnishings. And the bathrooms? Absolutely gorgeous!

bedroom at pioneer woman lodge

bedroom at drummond lodge pawhuska

bathroom at pioneer woman lodge

12. It’s ok to pet the dogs but don’t bring one

When you visit The Pioneer Woman lodge on Drummond Ranch, you just may find one of Ree’s dogs there, hanging out on the couch and wanting to be loved. We know that Drummond dogs can be super-friendly, and one has a spot behind his ears that seems to love to be scratched.

Lodge at Ree Drummond's Ranch Walter

With all this talk of dogs, you might think this is a perfect place to bring your pet. It isn’t. On The Pioneer Woman Mercantile website, it says: “Very important: Please keep dogs and family pets at home. Country dogs can be very protective of the homestead.” 

Lodge at Ree Drummond's Ranch family petting Walter

We hope this post helps you make the most of your visit to The Pioneer Woman lodge on Drummond Ranch. Do you still have questions about visiting The Pioneer Woman’s lodge? Let us know in the comments below. We’re happy to answer them or help you find someone who can. Also, if you need a place to stay in Pawhuska, we share our home called Postcard Place on Airbnb when we’re not there. It is a 3-bedroom whole house rental and perfect for a girls trip, solo vacation, or couple’s getaway.

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