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Downton Abbey The Exhibition took us inside the Crawley family estate and down the steps to the servants quarters. In early 2019, we were invited to visit Downton Abbey The Exhibition in Rosemary Square in West Palm Beach, Fla.

Downton Abbey Exhibition Mary's Bedroom 3

Huge Downton Abbey fans, we took our time walking through the exhibits. We quickly found ourselves oohing and aahing at the dresses worn by Lady Mary and her sisters. We also saw the work uniforms worn by servants like Mr. Carson and Daisy. Experiencing the history of the popular and award-winning series made us feel what it would be like to to live or work in the house.

Below is a photo gallery of what we saw in the exhibition. If you ever have an opportunity to see this exhibition, we highly recommend you go! Note: Our admission to Downton Abbey The Exhibition was complimentary, but opinions expressed are our own. 

The dresses in Downton Abbey The Exhibition

The exhibition included dozens of the dresses worn in the Downton Abbey series. While they were gorgeous on our television screen, the detail we saw when we moved closer was just astonishing. We took special notice of how small the gowns appeared. At one point, Steve held a ball point pen next to one for scale. Do you remember the scenes in which your favorite characters wore these dresses?

Edith's dress from Downton Abbey series


three dresses worn in Downton Abbeydress from Downtown abbey series

costumes from downton abbey series

Remember in Season 1 Episode 4 when Lady Sybil decided to redefine fashion and wear pants? Well, her teal blue pantsuit was on display. And yes, it was fabulous!

downton abbey the exhibition dresses

Servants clothing and uniforms from Downton

Housekeeper Mrs. Hughes and Butler Mr. Caron’s uniforms were on display. We also enjoyed seeing Lady’s Maid Anna’s work dress and Kitchen Maid Daisy’s dress from the early seasons.

Downton Abbey Exhibition Mr Carson and Mrs Hughes costumes

Downton Abbey Exhibition maid costume

Downton Abbey Exhibition Daisy costume

Props from the Downton Abbey television series

It was fun to remember so many key props from the series, including the small dog toy that Mary gave Matthew when he left for the war.

Downton Abbey Exhibition stuffed animal

Downton Abbey Exhibition headbands

Downton Abbey Exhibition hairstyling accessories

Downton Abbey Exhibition jewelry

We also enjoyed seeing props like the wall of bells used to ring the servants and of course, the important dressing gong.

Downton Abbey Exhibition bells

Downton Abbey Exhbition dinner gong

Rooms at Downton Abbey The Exhibition

The exhibition featured several replicas of rooms from the series, including Lady Mary’s bedroom and the dining room. Elaborate china, silver candlesticks, and even menu cards adorned the table in the dining room.

Downton Abbey Exhibition Mary's Bedroom full viewDownton Abbey exhibition Mary's bedroom dressing table

Downton Abbey Exhibition Dining RoomDownton Abbey Exhibition dinner table setting

The servants’ working areas, including the kitchen and dining area were also included. We loved imagining Mrs. Patmore and Daisy cooking up a pavlova or pudding there.

Downton Abbey Exhibition Kitchen

Downton Abbey Exhibition all bells

We hope you enjoyed these photos from our visit to the Downton exhibition.

While we received complimentary admission to Downton Abbey The Exhibition, the opinions expressed are our own. For for food, travel, and healthy living inspiration, join us on on social media @postcardjar on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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