This summer, we received a beautiful postcard from the Amana Colonies near Cedar Rapids, IA. The postcard was sent by a friend of ours, Jen Van Winkle and one of her friends, June Biggs. Jen and I have been friends for more than a decade. We met when I was working in the cable industry and Jen, a middle school language arts teacher in Lincoln, Neb., was awarded my company’s National Teacher Award. I had the privilege of taking Jen and some of her colleagues to the awards ceremony in Washington D.C. We sat next to each other on the plane, struck up a conversation, talked the entire flight, and have been friends ever since.

Like us, Jen loves to travel and has taken lots of opportunities to see the world and she continually inspires her students to want to do the same.

This summer, Jen and June decided to take a relaxing road trip before the start of their school year. They drove from their homes in eastern Nebraska across the state of Iowa to the Amana Colonies. The Colonies have been a treasure on the Iowa prairie for more than 150 years. Located just minutes from I-80, the seven villages of the Amana Colonies offer visitors the opportunity to step back from today’s busy pace, to relish in the comfort of locally crafted foods, furniture, art and more. The Colonies offer a unique history and culture found nowhere else in the world.


While Jen and June had a great stay at Rose’s Place Bed and Breakfast and enjoyed strolling through the Colonies in the warmth of summer, there are also lots of events in the winter months, as well. Next week on Jan. 23, the Colonies will host Winterfest in the Amanas. Winterfest is a celebration of the experience of winter in the Amana Colonies. You’ll find a wide variety of activities including a 5K run/Walk, Outdoor games, Open Fire Chili, a Wine Walk featuring samples of locally made wine and beer, and a dance to name just a few.

Sounds like a great place to celebrate winter in the Midwest — just dress warmly! Thanks again, Jen and June for sending us postcard from the Amana Colonies and for all you’re doing to educate tomorrow’s leaders (and travelers).

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