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Do you need ideas for a romantic Valentine’s Day at home this year?

romantic valentine's day at home Sweetheart Dinner

Normally, we look forward to cooking Valentine’s dinner at home together. But like most of you, we’ve done that about 857 times since the start of the pandemic. So this year, we partnered with our local Hy-Vee grocery store to plan a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner at home.

This blog post is sponsored by Hy-Vee. The opinions expressed and memories of a wonderful romantic Valentine’s Day at home are our own.


Valentine's Day at home pin

A romantic Valentine’s Day at home from Hy-Vee Aisles Online

As a guy, often I feel a LOT of pressure to pull together an epic Valentine’s Day celebration. I need to find flowers, chocolates, wine, and a thoughtful gift. With Hy-Vee Aisles Online, I found everything I needed to celebrate this special day with my beautiful wife. The Hy-Vee website [CLICK HERE] and free Hy-Vee mobile app even have complete romantic dinners for two. Plus, Hy-Vee will even bring everything outside and put it right in my car with my regular grocery haul. Talk about convenient!

Hy-Vee meal packs 2

Hy-Vee Floral can make your loved one feel special

Hy-Vee floral can also add a beautiful arrangement to your order. Just pick out something for your special someone online. Or, stop in the Hy-Vee floral department, and the helpful folks there will guide you through picking out just the right arrangement for an extra-special celebration.

romantic valentine's day at home Hy-Vee flowers

Hy-Vee floral department workers

Order a special dinner for two

This year through their catering department, Hy-Vee is offering special dinners for two that come complete with everything you need to prepare a romantic meal at home. There are three meal options available that range in price from $25-60. We ordered the “Sweetheart Dinner” that included two prime bacon-wrapped sirloin steaks, chef salad, bacon-wrapped asparagus, two twice baked potatoes, four mini gourmet cupcakes, and a freshly baked baguette.

romantic valentine's day at home complete sweetheart dinner

We got all of that for just $25. All we had to do was cook the steaks and asparagus and pop the potatoes in the oven. What a deal! I mean, seriously. Where else can you get a meal like this for only $25?

Don’t forget the wine and chocolates for your romantic Valentine’s Day at home

In addition to the dinner for two, I was able to order flowers, Godiva chocolates, and even a bottle of wine to go with our steak dinner. I also purchased a DOCG Prosecco from Valdobbiadene to enjoy with dessert.

romantic valentine's day at home wine

romantic valentine's day at home Godiva chocolates

Groceries and more from Aisles Online

Since Hy-Vee took care of most of our Valentine’s Day dinner, we thought it would be fun (and romantic) to make crostini together as an appetizer using the baguette that came with our meal. We took advantage of the huge selection of groceries available through Hy-Vee Aisles Online.

romantic valentine's day at home blackberry crostini

From the convenience of our home, we ordered all the gourmet cheeses, fruits, fruit spreads, fresh herbs, and even thinly sliced prosciutto that we needed to create six incredible and delicious crostinis. Watch this video to see how we made each of them:


You can also check out THIS POST to read more about our crostini and find all the recipes.

Valentine's Day crostini

We especially liked the brie and fig crostini with pine nuts pictured below. We found the recipe on the Hy-Vee website and it even included a list of all the ingredients we’d need to make it.

romantic valentine's day at home fig and brie crostini

What if I didn’t plan ahead for a romantic Valentine’s Day at home?

If you’ve waited to the last minute to plan your special day, no worries! Hy-Vee has you covered. If you’re a Hy-Vee Plus member, two-hour pickup and standard delivery are free if you place a $30 order through Hy-Vee Aisles Online. Or, your romantic dinner for two and groceries can also be delivered right to your front door. Talk about convenience! Just CLICK HERE to plan your special meal today!

romantic valentine's day at home Ann & Steve

Using Hy-Vee Aisles Online and ordering a Valentine’s Day meal was a great way for us to have a romantic Valentine’s Day at home this year. We were able to spend a little less time cooking and doing dishes and a little more time focused on each other. And for us, that’s love is all about.

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