Two students from the middle school where I am principal (along with their parents) took what looks to have been a fun trip this summer to Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons.  What a cool surprise that two of my students took time from their vacation to send a postcard to the principal and tell me a bit about their vacation!

Marli talked about seeing the geysers in Yellowstone and was excited to see the Bee Hive erupt, which only erupts once a day.  Other highlights for Marli included a swim in the snake river and a tram trip up a mountain.

Brennen mentioned all the wildlife they were able to see on their trip, including elk, bison,  moose and coyotes. In a special treat, they also got to see a mother bear and her cubs.

As an educator, I know that travel brings all kinds of opportunities for teaching and learning and I’m just delighted that these two students had a chance to see and experience these new places firsthand. It’s likely that someday they’ll be in a classroom and the teacher will talk about our National Parks and the wildlife there. This trip will give Marli and Brennen memories that will help them put everything covered in that class into context–which will only help them understand more about the world.

Thanks again to Marli and Brennen — it was great to learn a bit about your vacation and it makes me want to head west and check out some of our National Parks!

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