That’s right — Teshhamitroy. It’s our new family name for the week and includes the first two letters of all of our last names. We are taking our daughter, Meghan, and four college students on a family vacation to … wait for it … Branson, Missouri!

Steve and I help lead the college ministry at Crete Berean Church and these four young men (among others) we met at church have really grown to be a part of our family. Three of them are from St. Kitts in the Caribbean and one is from Los Angeles. They have been working, studying, and doing research here in Crete, Nebraska, this summer and weren’t going to get to take a vacation like many college students.

About a month ago, we asked them if they would be interested in taking an old-fashioned family road trip with us and I think it was De’Andre who stood up first and said, “Let’s go!”

So, about 20 hours after arriving back home from our journey to Mexico, we’re loading up a rental van with five 20-somethings and headed to The Ozarks. We hope you’ll follow along … it’s bound to be a knee-slapping good time.