We are back in Rochester, Minnesota, this week and for the first time, it’s not because of Ann’s chronic illness. No, this time we’re here to experience the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program.

dan Abraham healthy living center

Our healthy lifestyle journey

If you’re new to Postcard Jar, you may not know that we’ve lost a combined total of 130 pounds since late March using an app called Noom. You can read more about that HERE.  Steve lost 62 pounds and is at his goal weight. Ann has lost about 68 pounds and is more than halfway to her goal of losing about 120 pounds.

does noom work?

How we found the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program

We first learned about the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program when we came to Rochester in September for Ann’s lung CT and appointments. We wrote about this innovative program in a blog post about “Exploring Rochester on our visit to the Mayo Clinic.”  While in Rochester, we toured the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center and were intrigued by the facility and the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living program that is housed there. After learning about it, we considered planning a multi-day program in the spring but then thought that since we’re both motivated RIGHT NOW, we’d better squeeze it in before the end of the year (because holiday cookie season).

Mayo Clinic healthy living program sitting disease

So, here we are! Back in Rochester and about to start a physical activity and resiliency plan of action for the first time in our lives. Gulp.

What we’ll be doing in the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program

In a nutshell, the clinic’s Healthy Living Program is an experiential program that is science-based, outcomes-focused, and centered around three things: nutrition, physical activity, and resiliency. It has been developed by Mayo Clinic experts who also deliver the classes and help participants develop a personalized plan for a sustainable healthy lifestyle. The program meets people at their level of wellness, and helps them take the next step(s) in the right direction.

We’ll begin our program bright and early Monday morning (we have to be there at 7:00!) with a wellness meal, body composition assessments, strength assessments, and movement assessments. Once all of the testing is done, we’ll start working on the next steps to heathy living.

Mayo Clinic healthy living program healthy food options

Weeks ago, each of us selected the classes that interested us most. We’re both going to do sessions on using a foam roller, designing our physical activity plan, and get an introduction to yoga. Steve will be learning about resistance training and Ann will be taking a healing movement class.

Mayo Clinic healthy living program weight room

In addition, we’ll learn even more about how to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. We’ll also meet with nutritionists and try new foods and kitchen techniques while we’re there which should be fun.

Mayo Clinic healthy living program nutrition staff

We are excited to be a part of this program and will likely write more about when we’re finished. This is a BIG next step for us on our journey and we hope you’ll come along. It promises to be an interesting adventure!

  • We had a few windy days in the #FloridaKeys this week that stirred up the waters. It created the most gorgeous colors in the Atlantic Ocean including this area at Sombrero Beach.
  • We miss waking up on the Celebrity Edge. That's all.
  • We've been having the best time in the Florida Keys visiting Steve's mom and dad this week. Today, it was cold for Floridians, but we loved the sunshine (and were thankful for awesome neighbors who were likely shoveling the snow from our driveway back home).⁣
We are so thankful for a flexible schedule and opportunities like this one to share time with family. Life seems to pass us by so quickly the older we get and we're fortunate to be able to travel and share experiences with the people we love most. ⁣
Feeling especially blessed tonight, in the beautiful Florida Keys.
  • We enjoyed a delicious dinner tonight at Hideaway Cafe on Grassy Key with Steve's mom and dad. We went early at 5 p.m. for the sunset dinner menu which has smaller portions and the most beautiful views of the sunset. ⁣
The food was fresh and made-to-order and served by gracious and professional staff who made us feel right at home. ⁣
Hideaway is a great restaurant choice for dinner if you're in the Florida Keys. Get a reservation ahead of time, as it fills up quickly, even at 5 p.m.
  • Need some inspiration for staying healthy while traveling? Good news! We are taking over the @noom Instagram stories this afternoon and hope you’ll all follow along as we share tips on how to make healthy living choices while on a cruise ship. We’ll take you inside the beautiful @celebritycruises Edge and show you how we stayed on track with our Noom goals while still enjoying a fantastic cruise vacation. Be sure to follow @noom! Our takeover has just begun. 😁
  • The Rooftop Garden is a unique space on the top deck of the @celebrityedge. There’s no water slide on this ship, no go-carts, and the’s no rock wall for climbing. Instead the Rooftop Garden provides a “living urban playscape inspired by childhood playgrounds and designed to waken the inner child in all of us,” according to the Celebrity Cruises website. There are live plants, comfortable outdoor seating, and unique art installations that set the space apart from anything else at sea. @cruisecelebrity
  • Blu is a restaurant on the Celebrity Edge that is dedicated to guests in Aqua Class.  It serves “clean, crisp flavors and inventive cuisine” in a gorgeous blue venue. To give you an example of the types of entrees served, for dinner tonight Blu is offering seared duck breast with wilted chard, farro risotto, and black cherry jus; a cracked pepper corn-crusted tuna salad, watercress, and dijon vinaigrette; and pumpkin gnocchi with sautéed arugula, sundries tomatoes, marinated artichokes, goat cheese and basil pesto. What would you order?
  • Yes, cruise ships are huge, but if you do a little exploring, you’ll find that the designers have included many small spots perfect for intimate conversation and watching the world go by. We found this nook in Eden, on deck 5 of the Celebrity Edge, near the stern.

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