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Low-calorie soup recipes have not been the easiest to find. As we embarked on our healthy living journey with Noom back in 2019, we searched Pinterest, recipe sites, and cookbooks for low-calorie and nutritious soup recipes, only to be disappointed.

digital download low-calorie soup recipes

Either they were higher in calories than we’d like or just didn’t taste good. So, using tips we learned with Noom, we decided to start experimenting in our own home kitchen and come up with a few low-calorie soup recipes of our own. 

Lentils and Veggies for Soup

We took some of our favorite soups (chicken tortilla, beef and barley, and lentil soup) and found ways to make them lower in calories without compromising the taste. 

low-calorie beef and barley soup

As we began to share our soup-making experiences on our social media, we heard from so many people who wanted to try our soups, as well. 

So, over the past year, Ann has been creating low-calorie soup recipes. As Ann added ingredients to the pot, Steve measured and calculated all of the nutritional information. 

Now, our “12 Low-Calorie and Delicious Soup Recipes” eBook is available to YOU! 

12 Mouthwatering and Delicious Soup Recipes

What you’ll get in our ebook:

  • 12 low-calorie and delicious soup recipes
  • Nutrition information including calories, carbs, fat, fiber, and protein
  • Digital and printable versions of each recipe
  • Tips to get started
  • All recipes have less than 130 calories/cup

Ann’s favorite low-calorie soup recipes

Ann: My absolute favorite of these Noom-friendly recipes is the Creamy Cauliflower Soup which is crazy because I never thought I even liked cauliflower. But this shockingly low-calorie soup (59 calories/cup!) has a creamy texture and I added lots of herbs and cracked black pepper for flavor. 

Creamy cauliflower soup low-calorie recipe

I also really like the Stock-Your-Freezer Vegetable Soup because the recipe makes about 24 servings of delicious, filling soup that we can freeze for later. Are you ready for this? It’s only 49 calories per cup! I love having this on hand so we have a quick, tasty low-calorie side-dish or main course option for lunch or dinner. I’ve even grabbed a cup of this soup as a mid-afternoon snack.

low-calorie vegetable soup recipe


low-calorie soup recipes Noom diet

Steve’s favorites:

Steve: I’ll always love Ann’s low-calorie recipe for Chicken Tortilla Soup. Hot and spicy – this soup is my favorite on a cold night. We have it often in the fall and winter with bean tostadas. It was one of the first Noomfriendly recipes she created. 

Chicken tortilla soup bowl

But my new favorite is the Lentil Soup, which is a little surprising because it doesn’t have any meat. But it’s a thick, hearty soup that is bursting with layers of flavor because of all the herbs and spices. It’s also very filling. If I’m feeling really fancy, I’ll make some roti flat bread or veggie kabobs to go with it. 

lentil low-calorie soup recipe Noom friendly

How low-calorie soup recipes have helped us

For quite some time, we’d been living, um, large. In 2019, we realized that it was time to make a change for our overall health. The first nine months of our wellness journey we only focused on changes to our diet and behaviors to lose weight… like low-calorie soup recipes.

Noom weight loss success before and after

The soups in this e-book are less than 130 calories per cup. A lot of soups pack in lots of calories with ingredients like butter, heavy cream, and cheese. We’ve adapted some of our favorite soups to be lower in calories while still full of flavor.

Since 2019, we’ve lost 200+ lbs thanks to Noom-friendly recipes like these. We are excited to share them with you and we know you’ll love them as much as we do! 

You can purchase our “12 Low-Calorie and Delicious Soup Recipes” eBook HERE for just $6! If you try these soups, be sure to post a photo or video and tag us @postcardjar. We’d love to hear what you think.

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